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He got a funeral to go to, another wrongful death, seeing red, and some twisted dancing...


As expected, it was a festive bus ride in this morning. However, it was not without its one element of negativity expressed by this lady's comment amidst the jubilation:

"People say he happy. He ain't happy. He got a funeral to go to before he go to the White House."

Here's an interesting website posting: Inspired by the genuine progress of this country, I created this typographic mashup of the history of slavery, racism, and the progress of African Americans.

I have never understood what a "wrongful death" claim was all about—I mean what's a rightful death? Self-defense, maybe?—but with yet another husband probably killing yet another wife in North Carolina and thinking he will be the one who finally gets away with murder, I was compelled to look it up in wikipedia.

I have been putting it off—choosing instead to spend some time on the great river in Egypt—but I finally opened my latest investment statement. Change in portfolio value this year: -$60,665.04

At the very end of dancing tonight, while dancing with Carl, at the very end of a two-step, I twisted my knee excruciatingly. Not fun.
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