DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Finished my China presentations, got a haircut, dinner out, and packing...

Robert was a dear and ran out and got some Zicam for me and a breakfast biscuit for each of us, as I have just about no food in the house with my imminent departure for two weeks.

I finished my presentation that I'm going to give in China at Peking University on Thursday.

I haven't yet timed it, and should run through it a couple of times between now and then to make sure it's in the 15- to 20-minute range.

I got a haircut at Great Clips with an $8.99 coupon. "We" did a 4-3-2 clipper combination, and at the end, when I asked her if she'd please trim my eyebrows, one of the guys (a definite "sistah") said to my stylist, "I'm going to watch you and see how you do this."

After a quick shower at home, I met Joe, Ben, and Dale at the El Rodeo on Hillsborough Street, where we all overate, specifically on the tortillas and salsa.

I did the "bundle packing" technique and do have to say that it really is a space saver. There is still room in my suitcase, but I can't put any more in it, as we have to keep it under 44 pounds. I hate when there's room for the stuff inside to move around.

I dropped off two books at the Cameron Village Regional Library that are due today, and then I stopped by Flex to have a couple of drinks with Joe. I left there right about midnight.

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