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Getting it together, porn moves to 2nd place on the Internet, no Russia for Sarah...

I managed to bring in a sandwich and some carrots today—slowly getting it all together and formulating a bus "routine."

I had a meeting in the conference room in which I interviewed for this job on August 15th. Awww.

Blurbs—one funny, the other interesting:

A New York lawyer has failed in his effort to deduct from his taxes the $322,000 he spent on prostitutes, pornography, and sex toys. William Halby, 77, told a state tax court judge that he had used "sex therapy" to help battle depression, osteoarthritis, and erectile dysfunction, and the deductions were therefore legitimate medical expenses.

In his ruling, against Halby, Judge Brian Friedman noted that not only is prostitution in New York not recognized as a medical necessity, it's a "violation of penal law."

Halby says he'll appeal.

"Americans are now more interested in social networks than pornography," said Robert Cringely in Infoworld. "No, that is not a typo." For as long as there has been a World Wide Web, eyeballing porn has been far and away the most popular activity on the Internet. No longer.  Read the whole story: Facebook and Twitter: The New Pornography.

—From The Week Magazine 10/03/08—

Speaking of twitter someone pointed to this article yesterday: CNN: Sarah Palin Has Never Seen Russia From Alaska. It seems that there's only one place in all of Alaska from where you can see Russia, and a man on the 150-people remote island said no governor has ever visted there. LOL!

Dancing pretty much sucked tonight. I'm just going to leave it at that. Neither Carl, Bill, nor Geromy were there. Well, Geromy got there in the middle of Sordid Lives, for which we stopped dancing tonight, and almost everyone left shortly after it was over, at about 10:45.

At the site, Play Palin Bingo, there are some cards to use at your VP Debate Party tomorrow night. I love what they've done with the square that would normally be the "Free Space." LOL!
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