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Purchased another LJ account, brought Nathan my money, and got a haircut...

I listened to my my music on my new iPod Touch on the bus today, so missed out on any potential shenanigans, though visually, there didn't appear to be any.

Rhonda, my officemate, brought in some rum cake today for some occasion going on downstairs—what occasion exactly, I don't know. What I do know is that the cake was most delicious.

I am slowly but surely (don't call me Shirley!) getting my act together in terms of managing what I'm able to manage riding the bus and getting up in time to prepare some lunch to take into the office.

I managed to get a turkey and Swiss sandwich together for today. However, I forgot the carrots I wanted to bring in to go with it.

I'm liking this public transportation gig. I filled up my tank about a week-and-a-half ago, and my gas gauge needle is still smack dab between three-fourths and full! And it's good timing, as a lot of gas stations have been out of various grades of gas, as a result of hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

I purchased a LiveJournal account today for our TechCommChina blog, as the advertisements popping up around it were annoying, distracting, and detracting.

I received more affirmation on the work in creating the blog from another fellow delegate: "Thank you for your efforts. They are truly appreciated."

Afternoon BUStle
On the way home there were three guys, not sitting together, but all with various amounts of paint not only on their clothes, but on their skin as well. I wondered:

  1. If I were in the painting business, how much paint would I get on myself.

  2. Is that paint on your skin like that day after day introducing some toxins into your system?

  3. Would I get the paint off my skin at the end of each day before getting on the bus?

I brought my IBM 401K money over to Nathan, and I must say even having bought and sold three or four houses in my lifetime, that was the biggest check I've ever had in my hands. Big figuratively, not literally, of course.

Nathan and I had the best time talking about how we're going to invest this money, and while he was printing off forms for me to sign. At one point he got to laughing pretty much, and he said, "John, and this is true, I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass, you are truly my favorite client."

I stopped at Great Clips on the way home and got an $8.99 haircut using a coupon that had been in the mail when I dropped in at home after getting off the bus and before leaving for Nathan's.

The stylist cutting my hair related how she'd recently got "stuck" in the cash register, when a part of her smock got snagged in the drawer, and then the other stylist said, "Girl, one of my clients came in here once, drunk, and when he left, he got in my car out in the parking lot. He was parked next to me and our cars were similar. I had to open the door and mouth to him that he was in the wrong car, as he kept trying to start it up and it wouldn't start."

Back home, finally, at about 8:30, I cut up a bunch of veggies, some of which I put in a big ole salad and ate, and some of which I used to make ham salad.
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