DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Book club... Wasted!

The ISO class finished today, but not earlier than scheduled as I had hoped. At about 10:45, I sent an e-mail to Jay that I wasn't going to make the EAGLE luncheon.

When I returned to my office at about 12:10, when the class ended, there was a frantic voice mail message from Jay. "John, you've got to come to lunch. There's going to be a special guest that you just have to meet." Darn. This really piqued my interest, but I definitely couldn't go at this point. For once thing, it was too late, and for another I had to prepare for my stupid 1:00 status meeting / schedule review that I wasn't ready for.

At about 12:30, Jay called and asked if he could bring the person by to meet me. I was racking my brain trying to figure out who it could be.

When I met him in the lobby, he presented me with a plaque from EAGLE and a $50 gift certificate to amazon.com in honor and thanking me for my years of service as Communications Coordinator. It made me tear up. How nice! He took my picture with his digital camera, and in the early afternoon posted the pic, and some nice words on the EAGLE DB and sent a copy of it as an e-mail to the EAGLE distribution list.

I got some real nice notes back, and several posts on the EAGLE DB about it. Real heartwarming. I also sent a note to Rich C. letting him know why I had stepped down, and copied Mathis, Jacci, Chris, and Stan on it.

I left work at about 6:05, stopped at Sam's and turned in the roll of film I finished at the wedding this weekend. I then stopped and ate at Burger King. At the very last minute, I changed my order from a Whopper Jr. to the Whopper with bacon, cheese, and Bullseye BBQ sauce on it. Disappointed in myself!

I was only home for a few minutes, and then headed over to Jay's for book club. Russell did a great job with Wes' book! He had created a game with multiple choice questions, which was fun, and facilitated a discussion about the book. Very well done. He even had prizes. Kevin one "first place," and got an Aiden Shaw porn movie, and one of the new guys, Steve, came in second. He got an graphic book, which looked nice.

We had good after-meeting chat while eating a piece of (sinful) Red Velvet cake! I chatted a lot with Charles (the other new guy), who I had met at the homeowners' meeting last night.

On the way home from Jay's, I stopped at the grocery store. Once home, I completed the Read My Lips assignment for next Tuesday, and sent it out via Lotus Notes.

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