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My first day in the office as a state employee...

Regretfully I'm going to have to make this short to catch up, to keep from getting too far behind. Suffice it to say that today was my first day in the office at my new job, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was a very nice day, with my manager organizing a little breakfast-type gathering so that people could drop by and meet me. My officemate, Rhonda, arranged getting the food together, and they were great choices. I was one of the last people to leave the office, and as I closed my office door, I noticed on my closed manager's manager's door, my Will & Ned poster on it, which was very, very cool.

At lunch time, I walked over to the State Employees Credit Union (about two blocks away from my office), where I opened an account, which took longer that I wanted it to, but wasn't painful, and needed to be done. While in the middle of that, my phone vibrated with a message from my manager, telling me that I'd left a form that I needed for my next stop back in her office.

As I left the credit union to head back to get that, it started raining. By the time I got the form, and walked across the street to catch the bus to take me to the badge-making place on campus, the bottom fell out in terms of the weather. A much longer than anticipated bus ride to get where I needed to go added to the unpleasantness the rain introduced.

However, I got it all done—got my employee badge and all-campus card made, and once back to the bus stop in front of the library (and directly across from my office), I slipped over to grab some lunch at the cluster of fast food type places adjacent to the library. I had a hamburger that really tasted like some other meat, maybe lamb, and some mediocre fries.

Leaving for the day, I missed the Greek Village bus by less than a minute, so had to wait an extra 15-20 minutes for the next one. Annoying.

However, all-in-all it was a very good day, and I'll get used to the bus situation as I continue to take it. It definitely beats paying a couple of hundred dollars for an employee parking pass.

After dropping by my place to change, I ran to Crossroads, where I "DHLed" Kevin's mail inside Office Depot, stopped at Target for some (bars of) soap, and a new shower curtain liner, and then stopped for dinner at Bentley's using a $10 off coupon I got from them by filling out an online survey of my last meal there.

I had on my IBM rebus shirt, and the hostess, when she sat me said so enthusiastically, "I love your shirt!" Then followed that with, "What does it mean?"

"What does it mean?" I asked, a little too incredulously, I think.

Fortunately (for me, don't know about for her) her manager was standing nearby and said, "IBM." Doh.

It just floored me. I mean if you didn't know what it meant, but still said "I love it," that must mean that, basically, you like eyes, you like bees, and you like an 8-bar M. Strange.

I got their $11.95 Grilled Rosemary Chicken Salad, which in addition to that chicken contained spinach for the lettuce, strawberries, bacon and a sweet and sour dressing. It was very, very good, and with my $10.00 coupon and the tax, it cost me $2.10. I left a $5.00 bill.

From there, I stopped by the gym, where I did my upper body workout, followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical machine. I showered there, and then headed to Flex to meet Joe for karaoke.

We ended up at Shanghai Express for a late-night snack, and I got their Shrimp-Fried Rice, which I've never had there, and it was most delicious!
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