DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Hunter's Creek HOA Meeting...

Witnessed the Netview R5.2 ISO audit. It was very informative. Marilyn really knows her stuff.

I attended the Hunter's Creek HOA meeting at 6:30 at Method Road Park. There were probably about 10 homeowners there, and the board of about 8.

The VP, I immediately thought was gay. He pretty much confirmed it when at the beginning of the meeting he took out his knitting needles and just started going to town, regularly raising his hand so high to pull the yarn that I thought he was raising his hand to be recognized.

There were three bitchy ladies there who had their panties in a very tight wad about the pool not opening this season.

A guy walked in shortly after the meeting started, and sat in front of me. I thought he looked like family, too. When I passed a sign-up sheet (on which we put our name and e-mail address) up to him, he read my name, turned around, and asked me if I was in the (GLBT) Triangle Reader's Group. Turns out he's Charles, who had e-mailed me a couple of times, and is going to our meeting at Jay's tomorrow night.

The meeting ran over, scheduled to end at 8:30, but ending at about 9:05. I ran out of there, and flew to Flex.

Joe was there, so had some great dances with him, especially a shadow dance. I also did a pretty good East Coast Swing with him, and a beautiful waltz that was so much fun.

At the end of the evening, after 11, Vann came up to me, and said, "You see that guy over there in the cap, in the door archway? You would just make his night if you went over and talked to him. He's been wanting to meet you all night."

I am always so surprised when hear these kind of things.

"He used to be one of the Capital Corral dancers, hasn't been out dancing for about a year, and I told him all the guys here were real friendly."

"Of course, I'll say hello." I went over and introduced myself to "Billy." I asked him to dance two two-step dances. The first one I let him lead (though in fact, back lead as the follow), and the second one, a real slow one, I lead. He seemed real nice. On the way out, Vann said, "Thanks. You made his night."

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