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Lunch treat by Rhonda, working from New World, dinner@El Rodeo, and a night in...

Today was my preantepenultimate work day at IBM.

I met my friend Rhonda, with whom I shared an office at IBM at one time, and with whom I shared more laughs than I can possibly recall. I hadn't seen her in about a year, and when we decided—on IBM's internal instant message system—to meet at Kanki at Crabtree for lunch today, I asked her, "Are you still black?" and added, "I'm still gay." We managed to recognize each other without incident.

It's been so long since I've eaten at Kanki, and I just love their Hibachi Chicken, which is what I ordered. They've changed one of the two sauces that come with it, but I loved the new one as much as the old one. I also absolutely love the ginger dressing that comes on their salad.
Since we were on the early side for the lunch crowd, our table of eight only had six people at it, one couple on either end, and Rhonda and me along the long side, where four people would normally sit. We had a very diverse table. Of the other two couples, one was a, presumably hetero, black couple, and the couple at the other end consisted of two women, one white and one black—both of undetermined sexual orientation.

Rhonda and I hooted and hollered with laughter throughout the entire meal. I know those other four people thought we were nutjobs.

After lunch, I met Joe at New World Coffee House on Pleasant Valley Road, from where I edited, but didn't get nearly as much done as I had hoped.

At about 5:00, we had dinner at El Rodeo, which is pretty much next door to the coffee shop. I overate, though it was delicious. I had the:


Grilled tortilla sandwich stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, cheese, onions, tomatoes, chopped avocados and sliced jalapeño peppers, served with rice.

This tweet today:

chasman chasman @nematome Do you have any religious or spiritual beliefs?

prompted me to respond this way:

John nematome @chasman I grew up Catholic. I consider myself atheist now, tho every now and then i find myself saying a rosary. To whom, I'm not sure!

Things that make you go, "Hmmmm."

Obviously, whomever noreply@resourcefulgreet.net is hasn't read my Financially Independent vs. Independently Wealthy blog entry. They sent me an e-mail today with this subject line: Legally Erase your Debt. Seen on MSNBC.

Lordy, it's me on video. I hate being on video. This is the "full" interview from which Wayne had culled some sound bites for a 30THREADS interview a few weeks back. To be perfectly honest, I've only listened to about the first 45 seconds of it myself.

As I believe I pointed to once in an earlier blog entry, I did create written answers to the questions asked in this interview. They're here.

I waffled all night about going to the gym, and in the end didn't. I did get a load of laundry done, in anticipation of our trip to DC this weekend, departing tomorrow around noon, just ahead of Hurricane (or Tropical Storm, depending on what it does) Hanna, which is expected in North Carolina on Saturday.
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