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Killer grilled chicked, a workout, killer grilled hot dogs, some drinks out...

Robert arrived at a little after 11:00, and he grilled the chicken breasts that I had marinated in McCormick Grill Mates Zesty Herb Marinade. I put on some Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes (which turned out to be out of this world), and we enjoyed some shrimp cocktail dipped in Heinz Cocktail Sauce, while the chicken and the potatoes cooked.

Robert cooked the chicken to perfection, in spite of my nagging at one point that perhaps they'd been on long enough, and that I was afraid they'd get too dry. Color me bossy and bitchy. Color him brilliant for ignoring me.

I got to the gym at about 4:00 today, for an hour-long workout. Free Pizza Monday had been postponed to next week, which I knew in advanced as I had called. That also makes next week "buffet week," as Free Bagel Tuesday will follow Free Bagel Monday. Yes, it is all about the food.
Today's exercise log:

 Exercise Category

 Exercise Type



 Flexibility Back & Leg Stretching 5 minutesBefore lower body routine
 Strength Ab crunches 7.5 minutesOn a mat; head and shoulder lift, hold, down
 Strength Pelvic lifts 7.5 minutesOn a mat; lift pelvis, hold 3-5 seconds, down
 Strength Lower body 40 minutesCircuit machines

I went over for Joe's for dinner, bringing four Sabrett hot dogs with me, buns for them, a can of squeeze cheese, some 1000 Island dressing in which to dip raw, baby carrots, and some Diet Coke to go with his Wild Turkey.

The hot dogs were killer—I haven't had Sabretts on the grill before, and they almost tasted like they were wrapped in bacon. How could that be bad?

From there, I lay down on Joe's new couch for just a few minutes while he got ready, and then we went out. We debated about where to stop for a cup of coffee, and decided on Helios.

Imagine how far down our collective jaws dropped when we pulled into Helios at about 8:30 on a Monday night and found it closed. Labor day, schlabor day!

We again briefly debated—this time the evils of succumbing to corporate conglomerates (a.k.a. Starbucks) for a cup of coffee, and in the end couldn't do it. "Let's just go right to Flex," I said.

As we passed, Turkish Delights, I saw their "Open" sign and the words coffee and ice cream. I was on the phone at the moment with Joe following behind me, and I said, "Oh, ice cream, let's turn in here," as I veered into a parking spot.

I'd been to this place before, which for some weird reason reminds me of my Nexium (the little purple) pill.


Joe had never been, and just loved it. Since I drink my coffee black, I hadn't noticed a little sign that they have over the condiment table that says, "Do not add sugar or cream to Turkish coffee," but Joe, using both, did notice it. We both wondered, "Why not?"

Joe did have a cup of coffee, to which I believe he did add both sugar and a powdered cream substitute, as no "real" cream was available. I had a coffee shake, made out of coffee ice cream and milk. Delicious!

We stayed at Flex until about 10:30. We played three or four games of free pool, as James (unexpectedly) was the bartender, and he said, "I was too lazy to put the covers back on from yesterday." (Pool is free on Sunday nights, and they just take off the ball tray covers, which allows you to just grab the balls without putting money in.)

After that, we went over to CCs, where it was "Open Mic Night with Price and Rice." However, tonight the Price wasn't right, evidently, as it was only Rice.

I just can't believe how long this open mic thing has been going on. As is the case every time we go, which admittedly isn't that often, there were no more than six people in the bar, excluding Rice's boyfriend who sits adoringly (even after all this time) on the sidelines watching Rice play. Awwww. [Well, he did check his watch a couple of times toward the end of the evening. But I digress into cattiness...]
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