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China visa application, exercise, the reading of THE COLOR OF WATER:  All done!

I had a good eight hours of sleep last night, and one of the first things on my agenda this morning was to get my China visa application package to the post office.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I stopped by Walgreen's and got a passport-sized picture taken (which came out atrociously), and then on my way to that Technical Communication Progression event last night, I stopped at the credit union for the final item I needed to complete the package—a cashier's check for $130 made out to the Consulate of China.

After the post office stop, I did something I haven't done since that personal trainer told me on Tuesday that it was okay to not go to the gym every day. Once there, I worked on upper body, and did the machines in a random order to surprise my body. For my abs, I did them on a floor mat instead of on an ab cruncher machine. I also mixed up my routine by throwing in some stretching exercises at the end, which I never do.
Exercise Type
Minute Duration

Resistance (Upper Body)


Exercise Type

Strength (Crunches)




While I was doing the stretching at the end, I thought of this paper I have with several back-strengthening and stretching exercises that I'm going to look for, and start doing some of those for variety.

After showering at the gym, I spent the rest of the afternoon over at Helios, writing yesterday's blog entry, and just chilling out.

While there, I read this story about McCain's choice of a vice presidential running mate, and just laughed out loud at this line: "He passed over Joe Lieberman, his best friend in the Senate and fellow Iraq Kool-Aid drinker." That right there is just genius use of the literary device known as allusion.

I stayed in tonight, had a killer salad for dinner, did two loads of laundry, and then finished The Color Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother. What a great read. I cried in the end—not a sad cry, but a happy cry. You might be gay if...

Before lights out, for some reason, I thought of that exercise sheet I (not so geniusly) alluded to earlier, and I found it—right in the "Health & Medical" folder in my file cabinet. Imagine that...
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