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Consider yourself notified and "speed dating" for your technical communication career...

I had such a great, affirming day today.

I had a meeting scheduled, whose subject was "Quick Task Prioritization Meeting," with my manager for 4:15. At 2:45, she instant messaged me that her 2:00 meeting had ended early, and asked if I wanted to go ahead and have ours then.

I gave her my two weeks notice, and she at first seemed flabbergasted that I didn't have to get another job if I didn't want to, and then thanked me for giving her two weeks notice: "If it were me," she said, "I'd be out of here instantly."

I posted this message on our EAGLE discussion database, and sent an e-mail to the same effect to probably about 40 or so people I've worked with over the years in IBM:

so long farewell auf wiedersehen adieu

Well, my financial advisor has declared me "financially independent," so I'm going to embrace the independent part and scoot on out of here. :-)

I gave my two-weeks notice today. My last day will be Friday, September 12th, but I guess that since I only work Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays anyway, it'll essentially be Thursday, September 11th.

It's been a great ride here, and I'd like to thank each and every one of you for at one time or another being my steering wheel, being my seat belt, or refilling my tank.

As an IBM stockholder in my portfolio, I'm counting on all of you to keep the roads ahead free of hazards. :-)

Best of luck! And good-bye.

Well, well, well...


Farewell and best wishes.  I've always enjoyed your postings!

Everytime I see socks and sandals I think of you now! 

Enjoy life!

-Gary [Hampshire]

Congratulations John. If you get to Tucson stop in for a visit. Guest room is ready. Hugs, Andrew [Speakes]

I will miss you, John. "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." -- Dr. Seuss

I am sure you are doing a lot of smiling - I would be !!!!! Congrats!

[Margaret O'Connell]

You flit, you float, you fleety flee, you fly

I wish you the best on your new endeavors - color me just a bit green with envy as well :)

See you on LJ par usual!

-- Casey [Peele]

Wow, that's a shock. But Congratulations!!

Hi John, wow, I am very happy for you! Gerard and I hope to be in the same place in 9 years (but we'll see).

I can't begin to thank you for everything you have given to the GLBT community both in the EAGLE dB and across the broader IBM. I'll really miss your posts here in the dB a lot.

[David Chase]

Wot? NO!

That just ain't right!

All this time you've been having all this fun, enlightening the lives of those near and far, and you've been secretly becoming 'financially independent'?

No-one is allowed to collect so many (hopefully) good friends by showing support and providing counsel, yet at the same time being secretly self-centred.

I for one will not permit this. I'm onto the IBM switch now to get put to Sam's office to stop your resignation (I knew I shouldn't have thrown away his cellphone number when we chatted).

But in the very slight chance that Sam can't work through IBM's bureaucracy fast enough to stop you leaving, I guess I should wish you all the very very best for your next excellent adventure.

[Richard Davies]

You will be sorely missed ...

... and you can call or e-mail me any time you need a pun.

My best wishes go with you. Thanks for all your contributions, your intelligence, and your discussions. This won't be the same without you.

Rob [Shook]

How will we solve a problem like your leaving?

John, I have no doubt that wherever you are and whatever you do, you will find new, wonderful ways to enjoy life, to be a great and trusted friend, and to raise the grammatical bar.  I am deeply grateful that you made IBM - and Eagle - a stop along the way in your journey through life.  Best wishes for success of all kinds in the next phases of life that await you.

Wow..  good for you!

John, wow, congratulations and I am sooooooo envious!!    I thank you for all your leadership, fun and insight.  I will surely miss you and your posts.

Enjoy and have a great time in retirement!!

[Mia Jacoby]

There's No Way To Stop It

So every star and every whirling planet
and every constellation in the sky
revolves around the center of the universe
a lovely thing called John Martin!


Thank you for all that you've done.  When I think back to that time when I made the leap to be out at work, people like you (and Jay, and Deanna just to name a few) were my inspiration.  I am sure our paths will cross out and about the Triangle.  Best of luck to you!

[John Bitner]

Cry Me A River

I'm not sure whether I should be crying a river of joy for you, or a river of sadness for those you leave behind here.  Maybe a little bit of both.

Well, young man, my very best to you in whatever comes your way.  This place just won't be the same.

Just don't get any ideas of buying that 60" plasma TV to replace your (hmmm, that's right, I don't think it replaces anything, does it?) or you may be back on the beat with the rest of us!!!

Paul [Noga]


Another EAGLE fixture moves on.... sigh....

Thank you for all your contributions, John.  Now get out there and live the hell out of life!  (I know you will!)

- RCP [Ron Pierson]


Hey!  I would ask how you're doing, but from your note it seems that you're doing well :o)  Your honesty and jokes made ITIM bearable.  What will you do now that IBM won't be your part time gig?  It was a pleasure working with you.  Best of luck with your future endeavors.

[Qiana Eaglin]

Hey not so freaking fast buster.  Maybe your so-called advisor is mental, like *YOU*

I'm giving you one more chance Johnny, don't blow it.  I've cleared the way with Dolores, not to worry.  You can simply apologize for being a fool, and all is forgiven.  You can go back to that worthless task of correcting grammar in documents no-one in his right mind would dare read.

Perhaps you have not stopped to think about your forebears and how they revered that badge you are so quick to cast aside. I'm going to work real hard to look past this indiscretion.


Henry Love

P.S.  I really am very happy for you, I would do it too if I didn't have a someone constantly worrying about matters such as health insurance. So I do this part-time gig which really ain't bad I have to admit.

That's awesome! You must be getting that wonderful "short timer's attitude". I've got a few more years to go, but I can't wait!

Enjoy your retirement and we'll truly miss you!  Before you leave, I'll have to find you to hear one last Dr. NO! :-D

[Pam Benson]

So long John, Johann, Jacques.  Good luck to you.  I'm pretty sure I'll be gone the next time you return to Big Blue, but hopefully Debbie will still be here to greet you.  I'm counting on her to be my cash cow during my retirement :-)

Best regards,
Rob Rose

Wow, John . . .

I knew you were talking about leaving.  Are you truly retiring from 'work' or will you be doing something else?

Did you ever hear from www.thestory.org?  If not, don't give up.  Re-submit 'your story' now that UNC is back in session.  It's worth telling.
I have a feeling they shut things down in the summer.

I hope you'll stay in touch!  I wish you the best.    Madeleine [McBroom]

John, been great to know you.... you are a terrific guy!!!!

Sad to say goodbye - so long farewell auf wiedersehen adieu. BUT WOW!!! Life after Work !!!  Now you be able to take time for:


Good Sleep

Good Health with Exercise

Someone to Dance With

.. a Bit of Adventure

Good Looks

May you always have health to spare,
and friends that care.

But watch out for those penguins!

[Loretta Betz]

WOW... good for you! Have FUN! Send us a Christmas card so we can reflect once again on how boring our lives are compared to yours.... Take Care John.

Norma Wolcott

John, Congratulations. I hope you still keep up your blog. I'm a regular reader of it.

I will miss "Your Editor's Pet Peeve."

Your Friend,

Wow! Congratulations. I'm so happy for you. Can we do lunch before you leave? I'd like to take you out to lunch and say goodbye. :-)

[Rhonda Parker]


Congratulations on your financial independence! I would love to chat with you sometime to find out how you did it! (and who is your financial advisor?) :)

It was great working with you, and good luck in your post-IBM life. If you want to keep in touch, please drop an email to [his personal e-mail address].


Well I may do a crappy job of staying in touch, but I'm certainly not saying good-bye and will pop up in some coffee house when you least expect it. Do you still have your mindspring email address?

[Judy Maracle]

Wow, good for you!!! What are your plans after IBM? I'm sure you must be excited to start a new journey! Please keep in touch.

[Tara King]

It will be so strange not to see you in the hallways......wait a minute...I never see you in the hallways anyway!?!?! Does "financially independent," come anywhere close to "independently wealthy"?

Sincerely, congratulations and good luck. I'm impressed and jealous. Give me an email address or website where I can find you in case I need some sage advice from a "financially independent" former IBMer.

[John Balogh]


Many congratulations to have reached that financial independent goal in life and have a wonderful relaxing time ahead of you.


Richard [Courage]


Very sorry to see you go, but I wish you all the best in your "financially independent" adventures. Keep in touch!!

Mark Gould


Best wishes! We ALL envy you!

Tracey [Marcello]

Good Luck John, Great to have worked with you. Enjoy your independence...

Rich Cea

Congratulations John! I know you'll be fabulous and appreciated. Plus everyone of your new co-workers will be better off for knowing you. Cool!

[Sharon Kunesh]

Back when I was still in grad school, in 2007, and active in the NC State University student chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, I dreamed up this educational program that our chapter could sponsor: an event where professionals in the six areas of concentration that are possible in our Master of Science in Technical Communication degree are available to talk to students about what a typical day in the workplace looks like for such a professional in such a field.

This idea came to me after attending the annual national STC conference, at which one of the sessions I attended was a "progression session." They work like this: one professional would be available at each of six tables. For 10 minutes, the professionals speak about their jobs, and then for 10 minutes the students can ask questions of the professional. After 20 minutes, a bell rings, and all the students get up and move to a different table with a different area of interest.

We were unable to pull this off during my time in the chapter, but I was thrilled to be invited back tonight to see the program come to fruition by the current leaders and chapter. Here's how the program was advertised:


Time: 6:00-8:00PM
Date: Thursday, August 28, 2008
Place: Caldwell Lounge at N.C. State University

Curious about the varieties of technical communication? Then come to our August program, which offers a progression session where you can learn about them.

A progression has many different speakers presenting on various topics simultaneously. Speakers will each host a table with a presentation on a topic from their own area of practice. Attendees hear a twenty-minute presentation about one topic, and then move to another table to hear the next twenty-minute presentation, and so on.

Our speakers include:

Agricultural Communication:
Natalie Hampton
Web Design and Development:
Rick Sapir
Environmental Communication:
Mike Brown
Information Systems Communication:
Ann-Marie Grissino
Health/Medical Communication:
Sam Uhl
Industrial Communication:
Andrea Wenger

At one point in the evening, we counted 48 attendees, so it was a resounding success.

Thanks to Sarah (the STC faculty advisor), the current officers, and members of the student chapter for realizing the potential of this program and carrying the idea forward to make it happen!

Also, thanks to the STC-Carolina (the local professional chapter of the STC) for providing the professionals, without whom we couldn't have done this. It was a great collaboration!
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