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Closing in on my China visa and a weird dance night...

I'm close to finally having everything I need now for my visa application for China. In addition to the visa application itself, they want:

  1. Proof of Vacation by Employer: Letter from your employer showing you have the time off of work for the specific date range of your visa application and a job awaiting you when you return! If self employed, someone else in your company must draft something on your behalf (another co-owner or management personnel). If retired, a note saying you have retired and from where (and when).

  2. Certificate of Financial Guarantee: A copy of a bank statement showing you have a minimum of $500 (assume $1000.00 if you are a couple traveling together and applying for your visas together). Provide as current a copy as you can obtain and black out your account number to protect your privacy. Make certain it is on bank/credit union letterhead/logo paper and clearly lists the name(s) of the person applying for the visa- along with a balance of your account clearly noted.

  3. Hotel and Flight Confirmation: Our office can provide you with additional details (attached) on the day-by-day itinerary that includes hotel information and data on entry/exit dates for your travel.

Tonight was a weird dance night.

Joe J. (of Joe and Jose) was there, and he had "Robert" with him, who has come out only once or twice before and actually knows how to two-step. He doesn't know any line dances. Joe and I knew him from seeing him sing at Costellos (a piano lounge in Wilmington), which was memorable in that (1) he has a very nice voice, and (2) he sang "The Prayer," including the part in Italian.

We did our first dance at about 9:10, and dancers included (besides Joe and me): Carl, Bill, Geromy, Eric, Rick, and Ernie. There was talk about moving dancing over to CCs again, and to Tuesday nights, about which the only thing that appeals to me is that well drinks are a dollar over there on Tuesday nights.

When Sordid Lives came on Carl (without Bill), Geromy, Eric, and Rick all left. Needless to say that ended the line dancing for the night.

Oh, an aside about Sordid Lives: Reason number 602 not to own a TV. Okay, here's a new series, I think it's only running 12 episodes the whole season, and tonight, mid-season I guess, they basically showed a collection of scenes from the first however many episodes it's been so far. In other words, a repeatRidamndiculous.

Joe C. made an appearance tonight, and Herald (from last night), arrived and after Sordid Lives the three of us chatted with Joe J., Jose, and Robert for a while. At one point, Joe and Jose did a two-step together, and I asked Robert to two-step.

Later, several members of the group went over to CCs for the 12:30 show. I went home.
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