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Some wiki education, some karaoke, and a "fourth meal" with a little attitude...

I worked from home this morning, and called into a "professional vitality session" from 11:00-12:00. It was called "Wiki Education for IBM Editors," and unfortunately, it was not all I hoped and dreamed it would be.

I went into my office for the afternoon, and I spent a good chunk of time there cleaning up files on my work laptop. It's amazing the amount of crap that builds up on your hard drive—from applications I tried and used only one or two times to four years of grad school stuff to files stored "temporarily" to print.

One of the things that prompted me to do this was that I was at just about the end of desktop screen real estate, because of the ridiculous number of icons on it.

I met Joe at Flex for karaoke, where he actually sang a song—Sweet Caroline, and we met a guy named Herold (yes Herold, not Harold), who was here on business from Pittsburgh, and another guy named Richard, who lives here.

I got into a little tiff with Herold over, of all things, a discussion about cuddling. He said he was being "empathetic," which he most definitely was not, and I called him on it by describing what empathetic would sound like and pointing out how what he was saying didn't sound like that at all.

This "tiff" was no big deal, and we quickly acknowledged that it was a ridiculous thing to debate and kissed and made up—figuratively speaking, that is—literally, it was with a toast. I'm only capturing this here for posterity, as it is so unlike me to be confrontational like that with people I've just met. It's a good item for some self-reflection later.

At a little before 1:00, Joe and I self-reflected our asses over to The Borough, where he ordered something (that I can't remember) and an order of their hushpuppies, one of which I ate.

I had their Which Came First? salad, which consists of: marinated chicken, egg, tomato and red onion over mixed greens. For my "choice of dressing," I chose half ranch and half balsamic vinaigrette.

This is something that isn't usually the case, so it's why I'm mentioning it: The staff seemed a little put out to be serving us so late. I let them know that we noticed that by reducing my regular 20% tip to a 15% one. After all, that's the only thing I have control over.
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