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Back to the gym, a little reading, a little napping, an atrocious tattoo, and some pool & karaoke...

We got a good eight hours sleep, and were up shortly before the 9:00 alarm clock setting. Robert make coffee, and we had a little piece of a roll, two sausage patties each, and some cantaloupe for our breakfast.

To go to the gym, I packed up, along with clothes to change into after working out, both my personal and my work laptops to take to IBM afterwards.
Going in, I knew I was doing a lower body workout today and my ab crunches, and the entire time I was doing those two things I was waffling about whether I was going to do cardio or not.

In the end, thinking about not working out for two days straight, I did 30 minutes of cardio, and I did them on the elliptical machine, at close to probably a 170 heart rate, instead of the less strenuous treadmill workout I've been doing lately. Taking myself to task!

Today's stats:
Exercise Type
Minute Duration

Resistance (Lower Body)


Exercise Type

Strength (Crunches)




Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Elliptical)



I decided to postpone my trip out to IBM until tomorrow night, as I'm going to be out at the Hilton Garden Inn at the airport from 7:00-9:00PM, and I can just slip over to IBM while I'm already out that way.

I took advantage of the "found time" to read some of The Color of Water, which I did for about 20 minutes, after which I proceeded to read the back of my eyelids for a couple of hours.

When I awoke, I had a voice mail message from Kevin (av8rdude), who you will (or not) remember is en route to Seattle via Washington DC and Boston. The message said:

Hello Ms. Martin. This is Kevin. Greg and I have stopped at a rest area on the New Jersey Turnpike, and we saw a tattoo on a shirtless guy that we just knew you'd appreciate. In big block letters across his back it said:


OMFG. Hold on while I permanently cringe.

For dinner, I had some leftover wings, which were actually little legs, from Bill and Carl's party last night. After heating them up, I poured a little Teriyaki sauce on them before I ate them. Pretty not healthy. Pretty darn good.

I met Joe at Flex at about 9:30 for some free pool and karaoke night. It was an uneventful night that ended up at Shanghai Express, where I ordered the Sesame Chicken Combo, which came out to 14 freaking dollars. That's as much as my Bentley's talapia the other day. Oh well. I ate the egg roll, half the rice, and about one-fourth of the entree.  Should make a good lunch tomorrow, if not one tomorrow and the rest again on Tuesday.
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