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Errands and Carl's 50th...

I slept in today. And I mean slept in. Until noon.

After finally getting my ass in gear, it was an errandy kind of day for me. I started off at Target at Lynn Road, where I was sure I'd be able to get some onion and pepper relish that I needed to make a dip I had committed to bring to a party tonight. No such luck.

While there, I bought two cards and a pair of frames for some art work Robert brought me back from his New York City trip over the 4th of July.

My next stop was at the The Bull Chute, where I wanted two things:

  1. To see if there was anything I could get Carl for his 50th Birthday, which is Monday, but whose party is tonight. (Hence the dip commitment.)

  2. To see if they had any 100% black cotton t-shirts for me. (They didn't.)
I left with a real nice picture frame, one with a cowboy hat sticking out of it in an upper corner, and catty-corner to it on the bottom side, a pair of cowboy boots. It was a little more than I wanted to spend on a gift, but I really liked it, and thought it would be a perfect gift for him.

Next, I thought I'd try one other place for the onion and pepper relish—Whole Foods on Wade Avenue. Incredibly, no luck there either.

I ended up at Food Lion to get some Tostito Scoops and some Velveeta cheese and a can of Rotel Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies to make another dip that I like.

In spite of being out in BFE, Carl's 50th birthday party was fun. They had several of their neighbors (straight people—Egads!) there, who were nice, but Robert and I spent most of the time talking to Catherine, who is also one of Carl and Bill's neighbors, but is a Lesbian. She was there with her partner, Cindy.

Note: I have not been to the gym for two days in a row now. Unacceptable. Got to get back to it tomorrow.
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