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Two more NCGLFF films, lunch at Mad Hatter's, and dancing...

I met Robert in Durham at 10:05, and we got to the 10:30 NCGLFF movie, Tinkerbell Sprinkled the Fairy Dust, which was a collection of shorts including:

  • Fabulosity (US, 2008, 6 min): In a delightful animated comedy, a conservative couple learns that their unborn son will have Fabulosity. [Amusing. I'm generally not a fan of animation, but this one was okay.]

  • Eddie (US, 2007, 10 min): The story of a young Latina girl who is forced to deal with her sexuality as a result of an embarrassing mishap during a summer afternoon kickball game. [This film was totally ruined for me as you could barely hear it the entire ten minutes through. Hello??? Anyone in the projector booth notice a problem? Ridiculous!]
  • Kristy (US, 2008, 7 min): 8-year old Kristy is a feisty tomboy who absolutely loves a particular T-shirt of hers. But on the day of her grandmother’s birthday party, Kristy learns that her mother has thrown it away and wants her to wear a dress! Why? Because grandmother always confuses Kristy with her cousin, Johnny. [Cute enough.]

  • No Bikini (Canada, 2008, 9 min): A young girl defies convention during her summer swim class. [A winner!]

  • Ready? OK! (US, 2008, 26 min): A comedic coming-of-age tale about a young boy who’s just discovered his latest passion: cheerleading! As he decides to audition for the squad, his mother is forced to confront age-old stereotypes. [Cute enough.]

  • Just Me? (US, 2008, 11 min): The only lesbian in a large, extended family discovers her great-grandmother’s photo album and begins to suspect she is not alone. [This short probably engaged me the most of this entire collection.]
We had a few hours break between this screening, and our next one at 2:30, which we spent having lunch at The Mad Hatter, and then taking a short nap at Robert's. For lunch, we each split the Thai Chicken Wrap and the Cashew-Apple Chicken Salad, both of which were yummy.

From 2:30-4:30, we saw our second NCGLFF film for today, Pageant. This documentary was all that I hoped it would be and more. I left it having more respect for "serious female impersonators," including two local ones.

Movie synopsis: Pageant takes you behind the scenes as 52 ordinary gentlemen go to extraordinary lengths in order to be crowned the 34th Miss Gay America. This contest is about the art of illusion, so hormones and surgical body enhancements are forbidden.

The movie follows five of the most talented and beautiful female impersonators as they prepare to dominate in this underground competition. Hear from the men as well as from those in their entourage: husbands, mothers, sons, and little brothers.

Pageant features stunning musical numbers, while diving into the heart and soul of this make-believe world. But it’s the film’s focus on the people under the mascara that makes Pageant truly resonate. Soon the real-life drama of the competition takes over as we watch extravagant performances and frantic costume changes, wondering who will walk away with the coveted crown. Everybody has a dream; these men are making theirs a reality.

Dancing was okay tonight. The bar was pretty empty—for most of the night actually. Tonight was "Girth and Mirth" night, in which those weighing over 300 pounds paid no cover charge. I'm just not sure we should be rewarding that behavior.

When we stopped dancing at 10:30, Robert and I walked over to CCs to pick up his renewed membership card, and then we went home. We both had a bowl of ice cream, and then both read for a little while, before lights out.
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