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Free bagel day—NOT, exercising, a twist-my-arm lunch, and some karaoke...

Today was "Free Bagel Tuesday" at the gym, and Kevin (av8rdude) and I got up with an attitude at 6:45. My first thought as I woke up and put on my face before heading out was, "All this for a free bagel?"

Imagine my look of surprise when we saw a sign at the front desk that said, "Free Bagels Postponed to Next Tuesday." Actually, you don't have to imagine it:

Today was a short workout day for us. I did only cardio. Stats:

Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Treadmill)



Needless to say (but I'm going to anyway), afterwards, we carried our calorie-reduced bodies over to Brugger's to replenish them. I had a pumpernickel bagel with plain, lite cream cheese and a small coffee. Delish! I also bought a sleeve of yesterday's bagels—all six of whose cost totalled only $.40 more than my one bagel today.

I made eye contact with this kind of hot guy in line—buzz cut, pressed white shirt, tie, and dress pants, and while he was paying, my eyes wandered down for a closer look at his torso where I was surprised to find a badge on one hip and a gun in a holster on the other hip. A plain-clothes guy. I thought he might have been checking me out, but alas, I probably only looked like someone on the Most Wanted list to whom he was mentally comparing me.

Just as I was opening the freezer to get out a Lean Cuisine entrée for lunch, Kevin said, "Before you cook that, I just want to point out that it's 99-cent hot dog day at Snoopy's. I'm just saying."

I added Malt Vinegar to my shopping list after I took off the lid to the bottle and turned it upside down on my fries not realizing that there wasn't a regulator spout on the mouth of the bottle. The entire remainder of the bottle dumped out on my fries. Ironically, some even splashed onto my grocery list, which I had sitting on the table, and stained the paper. So, I worked it into my list:

I worked from home today, and I got a lot more done of a new edit I started than I thought I would. Yay!

Kevin (av8rdude) and I went to karaoke tonight. When we got there, right at ten, it was dead in the place—so much so that the karaoke didn't even start until about 10:20, when there were finally three people signed up to sing [and I use the term generously].

However, as the night progressed, it got quite crowded in there. David was the emcee, thank &deity, so things kept rolling along. Our entertainment was enhanced by Jake, who sat in front of us and spent the night drawing up and down his arm with markers, and at one point snagged himself a client—Marcus, whose tabula rasa arm undoubtedly made him drool.

We stayed much later than we'd planned, as we kept saying, "Okay, let's just see what the next song's going to be." I think we left close to 1:30.
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