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Editing, exercising, eating, and reading makes Johnny a dull boy...

I worked from home this morning and finished up my edit of a new writer's work. I had a lot of markup, especially toward the end, and finished a write-up of the overall work to send to the writer, the team leader, and the manager along with the completed edit.

@jazzychad "tweeted" this today, to which I totally related:

 It's a little known fact that he only sleeps three hours per night, 
 not because he is tired, but rather as an act of mercy for his keyboard.

Kevin (av8rdude) and I went to the gym early afternoon, where it was an upper body day for me. We got our cardio in with a walk around Lake Johnson after that. We had a great one-hour chat along the way.
Exercise Type
Minute Duration

Resistance (Upper Body)


Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Lake Johnson Walk)



Since I had another little bout of nausea at the end of my workout today, I googled that little phenomenon, only to unsatisfactory results.

I had my leftover Red Lobster dinner from last night—a half a baked potato and one fillet of seafood-stuffed flounder. It was as good, if not better, than yesterday.

I read more of The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother tonight, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. Well, I'm not enjoying the "mother chapters" as much, as those are written in all italics. The font, in general, is already small enough, and putting it in italics just exacerbates the problem.

Two observations about that statement: (1) That sounds so much like "an old person complaint," and (2) I love using the word exacerbate in a sentence. [And, no, the irony of putting this paragraph in italics is not lost on me.]

I would really like to finish this book by Sunday, as that's when our next Mostly Social Book Club meeting is, although we have not committed to be finished by this meeting.
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