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A little IBM work, some "coffee," dinner@Red Lobster, some karaoke and some IHOP...

I spent some time yesterday on an undisclosed project.

At about 4:30, I met Joe at New World Coffee House, where there were signs hanging all over the place that said this:

 Free Chair Massage 
 Tuesday, August 12th 

I think I've decided on one of my kitchen table chairs—the one I sit on the most. I think it probably really needs a deep thread massage. Joe thinks he'll go with his desk chair. It's going to be a pain lugging those things over there.

I got a nice chunk of IBM editing done while there, and Joe did work as well. I had a most delicious frozen caramel latte while we were there, too. Yum! Yum! Yum!

We had dinner at Red Lobster, using two gift cards that Joe had. Sweet. I got my meal for the mere cost of the $8.00 tip. Sweet.

I met Joe at Flex for karaoke at 10:00. Kevin had been out with Kurt and friends, and he met us there at about 10:30. Also in the house were Paul, Juan Carlos, Ken (the property investor guy), Walter, and his partner, Steve.

I ended up at IHOP for a "fourth meal," with Joe, Juan Carlos, Walter and Steve. I ordered the not-on-the-menu Pigs in a Blanket (four sausage links, each wrapped in a pancake). I ate two, and had planned to take the other two home to put in the fridge with the half of my Red Lobster meal that I took home. However, Walter and Steve offered to "help me out," and ate them.

We were cutting up there. Our waitress, 19-year-old Stephanie was a trip, and felt compelled to tell five gay men that her size C boobs were "too small."

Two guys sat at the booth next to us, had come from the Journey concert, and got all caught up in our antics as well.

Too late a night for my taste, for a "school night," but overall, fun nonetheless.
Tags: anecdotes, bar talk, coffee shops, friends, ibm

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