DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Travel to Jacksonville...

I tried on every suit in my closet, none of which fit. I ended up packing the one that I thought would be too big for me, which was, a little. The others are still too tight, however.

At work, I had a topic review of the 4.5 ITIM manuals with Kim, and then attended a design review of both the Websphere installation and the WebLogic installation. The review was scheduled for 1.5 hours, and after two hours, we had just completed reviewing the first document. They opted to continue, but I bowed out. Kim stayed on the line for ID representation.

I left work at about 4:00, and headed directly to Jacksonville. I checked in with mom and dad just as I exited 40 onto 24.

Once home, mom and I made clam chowder and clamcakes. There appeared to be tons of clams in the clamcakes, but when we finally ate them, we tasted about two clams in the whole batch.

Mom ran out to the hall to deliver "bubbles" for the tables at the reception. While she was gone, Lisa called, talked to dad, found out I was in town, went somewhat ballistic saying mom said I wouldn't be able to make it until Saturday, etc.

Bottom line, she ended up inviting me to the rehearsal dinner. I told her I'd already eaten, but that I would join them for a drink there, between 8 and 8:30.

Since it was about 7:20, and they were just on their way there, I waited until about 8:20 to leave, hoping they'd at least be well into their dinner by the time I arrived. In the meantime, mom came back, and she decided to join me.

When we arrived, they hadn't even gotten their dinners yet. I said hello, and immediately ordered a bourbon and coke. Mom ordered some blush wine.

Meagan looked totally exhausted, and Lisa filled us in that she (Meagan) hadn't slept in two days, hadn't eaten in three days, had booted Chris' sister out of the wedding party, and had just taken a Valium. Gracious.

We had a good chat, which included Lisa asking me if I'd lost weight. I told her yes. She asked how. I said Weight Watchers, and told her about riding in Tour de Friends. She insisted that she and Doug contribute, and said they'd give me a check for $25 tomorrow. I was very grateful.

The checks arrived, and Lisa sent the "other one" down to the other end of the table. There has been DRAMA ("Caps Lock D - R - A - M - A) over this wedding. I think everyone will be relieved tomorrow after it's over.

I read some of Wasted before falling asleep in my childhood room, and bed.

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