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Kevin comes a-staying, a food court musical, exercising, and a xword puzzle...

I worked from home today. 

My friend Kevin (av8rdude) moved in today for a three-to-four week stay (happiness) before he moves to Seattle (sadness). I turned down his bed and left this on it:

The card said:

Dear Kevin,

For the next few weeks, "Mi Casa, Su Casa." If the 650 thread-count sheets and the mints don't make it so, then perhaps the company will. :-)

Welcome, my friend.


Kevin (along with Kurt) stopped by during lunchtime today to check out his room. Though he's been to my house two or three times, he's never been upstairs. He seemed surprised, and pleased, with how big my guest room is.

So, how would you react if you were sitting in the food court of a mall and this broke out: [3 mins, 44 secs]

An observation: You can tell a lot about what a man really thinks about homosexuality by the way that man reacts when he finds out that someone had asked whether he was gay or not.

Today was an all-cardio day at the gym, and that's what I did, albeit in a little bit of a "choppy" way. Today's statistics:

Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Treadmill)



Cardio (Elliptical)



Cardio (Treadmill)






After the gym, I stopped in the Harris Teeter and bought a watermelon, a cantaloupe, three bananas, some grapes, a liter of A&W Root Beer, and some vanilla ice cream. I think you see where those last two items are going...

Is "missing someone deeply" a mixed metaphor? I think it is. I think you can love deeply, but you miss greatly. So it seems to me....

This is a sign of our times—an entry on onesentence.org:


My three-year-old son brought me my anti-depressants, asked me to take them and come outside and play.

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2008-07-29 13:52:56 / Rating: 19.5 /

I worked on an Indy crossword puzzle in bed and probably did the most of a puzzle alone than I've ever done before.

Kevin had warned me that he'd most likely arrive late into the night, so I did "the Motel 6 thing," and "left a light on for ya."

counter easy hit

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