DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

20 Miles!

I worked from home today, and stopped at about 4:30. I loaded my bike, and set off to Shelly Lake to ride. Since, I'm going to miss Saturday's training, I thought I'd try to ride the 17 miles scheduled.

I did 10 laps around the two-mile track! Yippee.


- I rode the 2-mile track around Shelly Lake 10 times for a total of 20 miles! I would not have been able to do another lap if I wanted to as it was about as dark as I could get away with riding without a light by the time I finished.


- That walking a bike up a steep short hill because you didn’t shift into the proper gear ahead of time feels “wimpy,” even if the training coach says it’s not. He says, “We call that cross-training.”

- That I can ride twenty miles, comfortably, in about an hour-and-a-half. That means that I can probably ride the little less than 100 miles we’ll be riding each day in about 7 hours or so. That doesn’t, however, factor in slowing down for long-term fatigue during the day. It’s still encouraging.

- It can get cool fast when the sun is hidden by the trees.


- My neck and my biceps a little, again.


- I feel good that I got my practice in, since I’m going to miss it on Saturday.

- Encouraged, endurance-wise.

- I would prefer training on the roadways instead of doing laps around a track in a park.

Robert arrived earlier than expected. He was supposed to come around 9:30, but had gotten off work early and surprised me at around 7:00.

We had a leisurely evening, and got to bed quite early. We both read a little, and then MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMed.

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