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Back to work, partially; I was sick today...

My phone rang at 7:37 this morning. US Airways, ready to deliver my luggage. Yay. I think. It's awfully early.

With the call that he was on his way, I was reminded of the woman at baggage claim last night who filled out the claim for my bag. Two things that I thought were odd: (1) She asked me to tell her something that was in my bag. I told her I had a sound machine in there, and (2) When she filled out the form on the computer, she "hunted and pecked" [Wow. That link is very, very interesting. I had no idea Hunt and Peck were the names of two people.] on the keyboard, which in and of itself, is no big deal.

What was totally odd, though, was that every letter/number she typed with her right hand, she did it with her palm facing up, and she hit the key with her fingernail flat on the key. Strange.

At first I thought she would do it for only a number or something, but intrigued, I watched her work, and every time she hit any key with her right hand, she did it that way. She was pretty fluent at it, I have to say.

After logging into work, and starting in on the e-mail that had made its way into my inbox while I was on vacation last week, my head started feeling hot. I took my temperature. 99.9°.

I was supposed to meet Kevin (av8rdude) at the gym at 1:00; we both desperately need to get back into our routine. At 1:00, I took my temperature again. 102°.

I set my OOTO message back on for work, and took a nap from 1:00-2:30, hoping I'd be better for a 3:00 rendezvous at the gym with Kevin. I wasn't.

I let Kevin know that I'd have to forgo the gym today, and then I did two things: (1) Took two Tylenol to try and break my fever, and (2) Ate some tomato and rice soup to try and warm up my body. I was shivering.

Before going back to sleep, I took care of a couple of things that needed doing today: (1) Paid my next $1000 installment toward my China trip, and (2) Renewed The Road online, even though I'm finished with it. I just didn't feel like making a trip to the Cameron Village Library today.

At about 6:00, I went back to sleep, until about 8:30. When I woke up my temperature felt lower, but I had the chills. I thought about going to Helios, just to get out of the house for a while, and to work on my blog entry for today, and on that card with the stone hearts on it, that I want to write to Uncle Frank. However, calling, I found out that they close at 10:00. And it was already 9:10.

I went to Food Lion instead, and got, among other things, bread and cheddar cheese to make that grilled cheese sandwich I've been fantasizing about all day.

At home, I did indeed make it, and I added some (real) bacon crisps that I'd bought as a salad topping, and after cooking it, added some lettuce to it. It was all that I dreamed it'd be.

Kevin and I made plans to try the gym again tomorrow, at 3:15. I sure hope I feel better by then.

I took my temperature again before bed. 102° again. I took two more Tylenol, and waited a little while before going to sleep.
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