DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

I love this online profile...

Hi, my name really is John. I'm 36 but I look 35, I drive past the gym 4-5 times a week, and I almost always wear pants in public.

I'm pretty much a laid-back, down-to-earth, easy-going guy. I have many different interests (see below), but like a lot of people I spend most of my free time just sitting in traffic. I lip-sync in the Boston Gay Men's Chorus, where I've met many close friends and one or two persistent stalkers.

I'm allergic to Woolite and also to furniture polish, but sometimes I eat it anyway.

People often tell me that I'm quite funny, but looks aren't everything. You might notice from my pics that I have a thin scar through my right eyebrow. I got it in a high-school food fight, when I was winged with a crock pot.

My interests include science and technology, movies/TV/DVDs, theater and the arts, computers and gadgets, shopping, bowling, music, singing, gardening, arts/crafts, the beach, day trips and local travel, dining out, astronomy, hanging out with friends, wasting time on the net, collecting chickens, photographing my penis, and running with scissors....and somehow I still find the time to masturbate.

I'm looking for nice, laid-back guys for friends and for someone special to date. It's true that what's on the inside matters most: a warm heart, a functional brain, an enlarged spleen--that sort of thing.

Stats: 5'8", 160#, brn/blue, Irish/Italian, mod. hairy (chest, tummy, legs), boxer-briefs, overly educated, 30" waist, 42" chest, size 10 shoes, bp 120/80, 11# bowling ball, 10w40 motor oil.

For those guys who insist on knowing my penis size, it's 0.0000947 miles.

I'm generally drawn toward guys who are intelligent, easy-going, and (especially) self-expressive--who are equally capable of holding a serious conversation and making fart jokes. Physically speaking, I tend to like guys who are tall (or at least taller than me), proportioned or a bit beefy rather than flabby or rotund, and somewhat younger than me (around 30). But nothing's carved in stone!
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