DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Honey-Pecan Chicken...

We had book club lunch today, but didn't discuss our book. I handed out next week's reading and discussion assignment, and we picked a day to meet after work. We decided on Friday, April 4th, at my house, and we'll have as guests Stephanie's therapist and a transman she'll bring with her. Should be interesting.

Courtney and I left work right at 5 today, and cooked the Honey-Pecan Chicken recipe out of one of my new WW cookbooks. Basically you made a baking coating out of honey, chopped pecans and crushed corn flakes cereal. It was so delicious! I murdered a baked potato by microwaving it the amount of time you should microwave two. It was so crusty, but I actually ended up loving it! We had (frozen) green beans with it.

We left at about 6:30, and Courtney dropped me off at my TCW board meeting. We had a good meeting. Jay was on the EAGLE cruise, and Jan called in sick with a migraine, so it was a small group. Chris was present.

We finished just after 9, and Courtney was waiting in the parking lot. We went home, and then took a 2-mile walk around the block. We discussed the Walk and Talk in Thought questions while we walked and it was such a good walk.

We got to bed relatively early. I read some of Wasted before I fell asleep.

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