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Pre-startup weekend lunch, a nap, and a pointer...

RTP Startup Weekend
I met @waynesutton, @theRab, @mattrmiller, @DiMambro, and @dtraleigh, for a mini-Triangle TweetUp at noon at the new Martin Street Pizza. I had the "one slice, side salad, and a drink for $5.99" special. Both the pizza and the salad were primo.

At one point @waynesutton had two phones out, which made me laugh for two reasons: (1) He's such a "gadget guy," and (2) It looked like he was getting ready to call himself. What he was actually doing was keeping up with all of the fuss going on today around the availability of the new iPhone 3G.

I took a little nap this afternoon, in anticipation of an intense evening.

The rest of the day is documented in a separate entry.
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