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Hot off the press...

Things are shaping up for my December London/Paris trip! A group of 18 leaving from London to party in Paris for the weekend...


You'll be pleased to hear that our weekend of fun and frolics has finally been booked! It proved somewhat more difficult than we had anticipated to find a hotel that could accommodate this many people but we've done it!

Please read the following details carefully and give me a shout if you have any questions.


Outward: We depart London Waterloo Eurostar terminal at 11:53 on Friday 6th December. Because of increased security, we need to allow longer than usual for check in, so please meet in the area by the check-in gates at 10:45 latest where I will give you your tickets. Please feel free to bring bottles of chilled Champagne and a selection of canapes for your journey! Please also note my mobile number in case of difficulties: <number deleted>. We should arrive in Paris at 16:00 local time.

Return: For those leaving on the Sunday 8th, you depart from Paris Gare Du Nord at 17:43 local time. Again, I suggest you arrive for check in by 16:30 latest as it will be chaotic at this time on a Sunday. You should arrive at London Waterloo at 19:48 UK time.

For those of us leaving on the Monday 9th, we depart at 13:04 local time, so aim to check in before 12:00 noon. We should arrive at London Waterloo at 15:09 UK time.


We will be staying in Hotel 'Fertel Etoile' which is located near the Arc Du Triomphe. For those of us who are single, we've got single rooms (as the price for a double with single occupancy was ridiculously expensive). If you do want to upgrade, please arrange directly with the hotel on arrival.


We'll be doing Mike's Birthday lunch on Saturday the 7th at 13:00 ish.

Further details will be sent nearer the time. Meanwhile, check you have a valid passport that doesn't run out this year!

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