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Joe's cable, Katja's video, exericsing, and trip preparations...

RTP Startup Weekend
Joe's cable guy called me at about 8:40 this morning to meet him over at Joe's new house "in 20 minutes."

We got it all taken care of, only bothering Joe by phone twice, in the wee hours of his morning in Vegas. And, yes, the cable guy was hot.

I stopped by the State Employees Credit Union for a no-fee-added ATM withdrawal from Coast Federal Credit Union. I got some cash for the long, holiday weekend, and some money for a Wicked ticket for Robert—a gift for him when I drop him off this afternoon for his long weekend in New York City.

My next stop was at the Bruegger's off Wade Avenue in the Ridgewood Shopping Center. Plain, lite cream cheese on a toasted pumpernickel, please.

I worked from home for most of the day today. I dropped by the office for a little while after dropping off Robert at RDU for his flight to NYC. He ended up taking a bump and getting a free ticket. Sweet.

Don't be Nervous. She no longer is.

This is my new friend Katja, with whom I'm on the board of Manbites Dog Theater. She's an incredibly talented person in a lot of different ways—playwright, actor, director, office manager, and person extraordinaire.

She has her own one-woman show, Cornucopia of Me, that she's doing for Manbites as a fundraiser this month. Here's a video she did about the event:

CORNUCOPIA OF ME was included in the Independent Weekly's "Best of 2007: The Year in Theater" for Best Original Script, Best Production, Best Direction, and Best Lead Performance. Don't miss this special return engagement.  You can purchase tickets here.

I worked out late today, from about 7:00-8:15.
Exercise Type
Minute Duration

Resistance (Lower Body)


Exercise Type

Strength (Crunches)




I ran by Target to get some Pepper & Onion Relish with which to make a dip, but they didn't have any.

I stopped by Food Lion on the way home and bought cheese and Rotel diced tomatoes and chilies with which to make a substitute dip. I also bought cream cheese and clams to make a clam dip. Tostito Round Bites go with the cheese dip, and Pretzel Snaps go with the clam dip. That's my story and it'll be sticking to me this weekend.

Once home, I made up said dips, packed up some alcohol, and then packed my clothes. Yes, I packed clothes even though the place I'm going to is clothing optional. Remember, I said this was going to be out of my comfort zone.
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