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Sky dining, exercising, a trash run, a China trip update, and dancing...

Dinner in the sky. Why?

I had a short visit to the gym today—upper body and crunches only. I'll get my cardio in tonight dancing.
Exercise Type
Minute Duration

Resistance (Upper Body)


Exercise Type

Strength (Crunches)




I ran by Joe's old apartment and pulled his garbage can around to the curb for him. There was a little downhill section on the way, and I got going so fast with the momentum that when I made a turn, the garbage can tipped over. Fortunately, none of it spilled out.

I stopped at Panera Bread at Crossroads for a little while to check in online, and to enjoy one of their cinnamon bagels with low-calorie honey walnut cream cheese—the same thing I had on Sunday. Yum!

Today's came within the acceptable two-minutes-or-less service time. Yay!

It occurred to me while there that I had no idea how we were getting from city to city during our China trip. A careless google search revealed that Guilin was about 50 miles from Beijing, so I assumed a bus ride. From Guilin to Shanghai was about 500 miles, so I figured a flight there.

After posting to our delegation Yahoo group, I was set straight (if you can really refer to me as that) about it being about 1075 miles from Beijing to Guilin. Also, these notes from the group that went in 2002 provide some insight on this question.

"We traveled from Beijing to Shanghai, our national representative's home city. Patrick arranged everything, as always, at the Beijing airport and paid our Airport Management and Construction taxes of 50 yuan each. During the flight, we were served a boxed snack containing items that provided more entertainment than nutrition."

"Good morning. Our day began with the hustle of leaving Shanghai to go to Guilin. On the bus to the airport, we traveled past the MagLev (Magnetic Levitation Transport) that will reduce the 40-50 minute ride to the airport to 15-20 minutes. We continually saw signs that tickled our funny bones. On the escalator at the airport, we saw this sign: 'Do not reach body out of escalator.'"

I appreciate the heads up that we're going to be seeing signs that "tickle one's funny bone." It should be very interesting traveling with a bunch of technical communicators in that respect. I'm notorious for catching such things on my trips. Who am I kidding? I catch them everywhere.

From My Australia Trip

Note: Those were not my markings. (I would have done them in red.) But one of my fore-editors must have done it. :-)

From My Alaskan Cruise

Note: The red circles are mine—added to the picture with the Paint program. :-)

All that aside, it appears that, though we're going to the same cities that the 2002 delegation went to, we're going in a different order. Our itinerary outlines Beijing to Guilin to Shanghai. Regardless, it looks like we'll be flying everywhere. Yay.

I stopped by Kohl's on the way home, with every intention of buying some clothes—shorts and a bathing suit, but nothing really struck me once I was there.

It was a festive night of dancing tonight—lots of dancers and lots of bar patrons. I suspect a lot of people are off starting tomorrow for the long, holiday weekend.

We learned a new dance—another something-Stomp. There were 13 people on the dance floor taking the lesson.
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