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Gayborhoods, working@Edge Office, and some peaceful time at the lake...

Sometimes this thing is just an evil coma machine! I clawed my way out of its clutches this morning, and combatted it with its more humane evil—caffeine.

I found this blog entry about the importance of "gay neighborhoods" interesting, especially in light of a recent conversation I had with my friend, Joe, about how nice it is to have a place like The Borough downtown now.

These points resonated with me:
(1) "The people I see who are just like me, holding hands in the coffee shop. Laughing in herds on the corner. Every different flavor of my community developing their own taste, growing their own wings and reflecting for me, normal lives filled with love, honor and joy."

(2) "When a young lesbian walks down the street and sees her life, her heart reflected back at her over and over and over again, after a lifetime of feeling like the only dyke on the planet, not only is that exhilarating, it validates her very core. And even better… it finally makes her safe. Safe in her surroundings. Safe in her own skin." 

(3) "The chances are more than double that a gay teen is going to attempt suicide, over a straight kid. In a gay neighborhood, they're just as important and valuable as the next guy or gal. I was just as important as you. And I could see my love, express my love, the most essential human emotion — for another person who just happened to be the same sex as I, without any reservations or apprehension."

And these things are what are so appealing about Provincetown, MA, which is where I'll be vacationing in two weeks to the day on Wednesday. Who's counting?

I worked from Edge Office this afternoon, where I was surprised and delighted to see that they had already addressed one of the items I alluded to in my feedback when working there a couple of weeks ago.  Electric outlets on both sides of the room now. Cool!

I got one of Jim's edits done and started on his second one. Woohoo!

Evidently he has please come home.

I walked the lake tonight—around it, not on it; I'm John, not Jesus—as the weather was just too good to do my cardio work indoors. It was late in the day, and when, at about three-quarters the way around, I came to the boathouse, I stopped for a while on the deck, which overlooks the lake.

I sat in a rocking chair and watched the night creep in, all the while listening to country gospel tunes on my iPod. My life is so good.

Welcome to the official start of the second half of 2008! And speaking of July, I have a busy one:

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