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Working@Home & Helios, a weight blip—finally, exercising, and reading...

Who schedules an 8:00 meeting on a Monday morning? Unfortunately I didn't look at my work calendar all weekend to remind myself of said meeting, so when I logged in at 9:00, my usual start time, the meeting was pretty much finishing up. Oh well.

I've talked here before about what a crap shoot buying cantaloupe is. Whether it will be ripe when you cut it seems to be as variable as the price. I've seen them as high as $3.99 and $4.99 each. And I've paid that much and gotten one that wasn't any where near ripe enough.

Yesterday, I paid $.99 for a jumbo-sized one, and I'm thrilled to report this morning that it's perfectly ripe. So delicious.

After two months of "plateauing," I had a weight milestone today. I am finally out of the 200s. This is a nice little psychological boost that I really needed. I'm sure I'll head to the gym today with a better attitude.

I worked from home this morning, and from Helios this afternoon. On the way there, I stopped at the library to pick up The Road, which was recommended by Kevin (zy1125), only to find the book not on the hold shelf.

When I asked about it, the guy at the counter said, "Oh, the hold was released yesterday." I thought they kept those thing on hold for 10 days or two weeks. Evidently not—it was only last week that "the computer" called to tell me it was being held.

Fortunately, it was still in the back there at the circulation desk, and he was able to retrieve it for me.

An instant message chat affirmation from my friend Mary today:

Thank you for making me laugh today. I really needed that. I love you for that and so much more.

Stimulate my ass. My "stimulus check" was supposed to be deposited by May 16, 2008 according to this web page.

Today, I got a letter from the I.R.S. dated 06/30/2008 saying, "You can expect your payment by 06/27/08." Uh, that would be two days ago, not to mention two days before the date of this letter. Then the next sentence says, "If you do not receive it within six weeks of this notice, please contact us at the number shown above."

Could our government get any more fucked up?

There, that's about a Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 8 rant.

I did lower body work, crunches, and cardio today. Those crunches kicked my ass today, or more accurately, kicked my abs.
Exercise Type
Minute Duration

Resistance (Lower Body)


Exercise Type

Strength (Crunches)




Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Elliptical)



Yesterday, I cleaned a head of lettuce, and marinated and browned some ground turkey in that most delicious Mongolian Beef marinade. Tonight, for dinner, I had that mixed together with some sharp cheddar cheese. Killer!

I did a big load of laundry—mixed whites and colors, which is not my preference, but done in the interest of saving water and time.

While that was going on, I started reading The Road, and although I was engaged, I ended up reading the back of my eyelids for some of the time—until that harsh, harsh dryer buzzer went off. Why do those things have to be so cacophonous?

The new toothbrush is the absolute deal. I hate that I waited so long to get back to an electric toothbrush!
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