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Coffeeshop-hopping, a new (expensive) toothbrush, exercising, and a night out...

On the way to Panera Bread at Crossroad this morning, I stopped at Best Buy long enough to see their prices on the iPod Touch—$399 for the 16G model; that's too high. I've seen them for as low as $319.95 on mysimon.com.

I stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond, where I bought the Sonicare UV Sanitizer, which started at $169, used their 20%-off coupon for $34 off, and for which I'll send in a rebate coupon for another $10 off.

That should get it down to just below the lowest price on mysimon.com

I met Joe at Panera just after 1:00, where the most inane sequence of service events resulted in receiving our bagels more than ten minutes later.

Off and running...
An allusion to a scene in the movie Sordid Lives.

I mean, normally:

  1. Send the bagel through the slicer—5 seconds or less.

  2. Send the bagel through the toaster—up to a minute, a minute-and-a-half, the most.

  3. Put the bagel on a tray, along with the container of cream cheese and a knife—30 seconds or less.
Two minutes, max. That's what it should be. I'll let you imagine how much has to go wrong to extend this time to over ten minutes. Redamndiculous.

It was so crowded in there that we didn't want to stay to use their free wireless, which was the whole reason we went there to begin with! After we finished our bagels and coffee, we left.

I'm going to take this opportunity to rant, once again, about how much I hate Crossroads Plaza. There is always way too much traffic, especially on the side with the Olive Garden and the Red Lobster, and the non-existent synchronization of the traffic lights throughout the shopping center extremely exacerbates the congestion. [OMG. I love that last sentence. It's at a Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 18]. But I digress...

There. I feel better after that highbrow rant.

We went over to the Caribou Coffee at Olde Raleigh Village, where I tackily (that's actually a word!) finished my Panera Bread coffee. Joe did patronize the place, though, to legitimize our use of their free wifi.

And in my defense, I did order a Northern Lite Cooler eventually, which was $4.09, which is too much.

We ate at Qdoba before I headed to the gym. I ordered a burrito and ate half of it, taking the other half to go.

I got to Planet Fitness late today, late for a Sunday. I finished my workout and shower at 6:45. They close at 7:00 on Sundays. Today was an all-cardio day for me.

Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Elliptical)



Cardio (Treadmill)






I got to Flex at a little after 10:30, and it was quite festive in there in terms of the number of people out tonight. Walter and his partner, Steven was there. Al was there, and introduced me to Lee, and Juan Carlos was there, David (the karaoke emcee), Curt (the pipe smoker), and the Dave who sings all of the "old" songs—tonight's was Come Monday. Just looking up a link to that song now, I had no idea it was a Jimmy Buffet song!

Later, I went to Legends to see the show, which tonight starred Kirby Kolby, Porkchop, and Kitty Litter. One of Porkchop's lines was, "Yeah, today Kitty Litter and I went to Golden Corral, and we closed down the buffet." Needless to say, they're both plus-sized girls.

During the course of the evening, I hung out with Kurt (Kevin's Kurt), his friend Drew, Juan Carlos and Lee. Outside in the patio area, on the steps leading into The View, there were these two girls standing near us—straight girls, from the Western side of the state, and one of them was so on the tragic side, specifically in terms of inebriation. She reminded me of Cameron Diaz.

At one point someone walked over to her and gently pulled down her blouse, which had crept its way up her stomach exposing a slight inner tube. Nobody really wants to see that.

At another point in the evening, Drew accidentally knocked over my glass when he put his boots—which looked like size 12, but he says 8½ and, which purportedly sell for $600 [to which Kurt quipped, "That's what they sell for, but that's not what he paid for them."]—up on the coffee table. The glass cracked all over the floor, and I got a replacement drink, for the cost of a $2.00 tip, from Jeremy.

All of the fun and games ended before anyone's eye got poked out.
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