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Manbites Dog BOD meeting, lunch w/Robert, new phones, exercising, and some drinking...

I was up at 7:00 and finished up the grantwriting work for our board meeting.

I was running a little late and arrived at 10:05 for our 10:00 board meeting, only to find just Ed, Jeff, and Katja there. Edie turned out to be the only other person to come. Gregor had thrown his back out. Michael was having stomach issues, and Alice has a lot going on on Saturday mornings.

We had a good meeting, chock full of all kinds of topics that needed discussing. One of the items was the upcoming season, and all of the plays sound quite compelling to me, which should come as no surprise. That's why I love this theater so much.

While I was in Durham, I had lunch with Robert. We went to Hog Heaven BAR-B-Q, voted Triangle's Best Caterer in 2007.

I stopped by the Verizon Wireless store at Crossroads, as today was the end of our two-year contract. I priced getting Internet service on my phone, and the package I wanted would have been $25 more a month on my bill. That my decision to get an iPod Touch a cinch.

I can spend $300 a year, each year, for a service, or I can pay $300-ish one time for a device that I can use at hot spots free for the rest of its life. Hmmmmm.

I find it most ironic that one of the advertising ploys used to entice you to get your Internet service over your phone says something to the effect of, "Stop being a slave to wifi hot spots."

Okay, stop being a slave to free hot spots that are becoming more and more ubiquitous, with many, many businesses and bars offering it, and entire cities working toward a free wifi infrastructure, and instead, become a slave to a phone company for $25 a month (at least) for all time. Hmmmmm. Let me think about that. Thought about it. Dumb.

I ended up just renewing my current phone contract with basic service on it, not even texting, and got two essentially free new phones. I'm going to buy a $300-ish iPod Touch, applying the $250 Donna gave me for a graduation present toward it. Woohoo.

I met Robert at the Prime Outlets at the airport and gave him his new phone.

I worked out today after two days of not going there at all. It was a "virtual Friday" for me, as I did my upper body routine that I should have done yesterday.
Exercise Type
Minute Duration

Resistance (Upper Body)


Exercise Type

Strength (Crunches)




Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Treadmill)



I stopped at the Harris Teeter next door to the gym, intending to buy grape jelly, soy sauce, and cheese, but ended up buying a whole lot more.

I met Joe at Flex, where it was an Underwear Party. As usual, for most of the night the only people in their underwear were the bartenders.

But as the night progressed, as expected, with the exception of one little group of hotties (but, who totally knew it), whom I think must have been "out of town trade," most of the people that ended up getting in their underwear were precisely the people who shouldn't have.

We weren't there too late, and we ended the evening at The Borough with a midnight snack.
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