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Slept in, dentist appointment, Manbites grantwriting & funding research, exercising & staying in...

I slept off last night late into this morning.

In anticipation of my 2:00 dental appointment, I flossed the hell out of my teeth this morning.

I ran to Hardee's for a $2.09 egg and sausage biscuit with a $.99 coupon. The service was, for a pleasant change, both quick and friendly.

It's really nice to patronize businesses you like—even when it's one where you get your mouth pricked and prodded with various metal instruments of varying piercing and poking propensities, where the nicest woman in the world manipulates said tools with enough plastic donning her head and face to think she just returned from a spacewalk, and who's followed by another gem of a person who tells you in the sweetest way that sweetness has conquered another very small place in your collection of canines, molars, and incisors.

All that is to say: Love my hygienist (Leigh Ann Cooke) and dentist (Susan Gover). Leigh Ann cleaned my teeth and Susan identified a tiny cavity that needs to be filled, which is scheduled the week after I return from vacation next month. Let's hope she's as gentle and wonderful as she was doing my last filling.

My stomach was growling during my teeth cleaning, so the first thing I did while they were still clean enough to eat off them was to use them to that end. I had a Pepperoni & Cheese Stromboli from Stromboli's, which sounds kind of redundant.

I ate half and took the other half with me.

I spent a few hours at Third Place, where I began work on researching grant and other funding opportunities for Manbites Dog in anticipation of Saturday's board meeting.

I worked out from 7:15 until about 8:45 this evening, and then showered there before leaving.
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Odds & Ends of the day:

I had my phone off almost all day today. I love that.

I stopped by K-Mart today and exchanged my 18" Gro-Light (which I bought yesterday not knowing that it was such a thing) for a regular 18" fluorescent light. It was too dull, and I was afraid it would encourage fungus or something to grow in my toaster oven, above which it's mounted.

When I got back from Hardee's this morning, there were some religious people (two sets of two people—one set consisting of two women and the other of two men) going from townhouse door to townhouse door. These thoughts went through my mind as I stepped into my house knowing full well I had no intention of answering the doorbell when it rang: "Lord, save me from your followers," and quickly creating a 3x5 card and sticking it on my door that said, "Thou shalt not ignore the 'no solicitation policy' in thine townhouse neighborhood."

In my U.S. mail today was a coupon for Bed, Bath, & Beyond, which normally goes directly into the recycle pile. What's interesting about its arrival today is that my hygienist asked me if I ever get it, and when I said yes, reminded me that I could use it on an electric toothbrush. I put it aside. 

I stayed in this evening, meaning I actually missed dancing not due to being out of town. A very rare event indeed.
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