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Breakfast @ the Farmers' Market, an unintended nap, and book club in Cary...

Since we were so exhausted last night and got to bed early, we were up and at 'em at 9:00. We decided to "beat the church crowd" and get to the Farmers' Market Restaurant right away.

We each had a (complimentary) biscuit appetizer, a cup of coffee, and then each their unbeatable French Toast, both with an egg over easy on the side, and Robert's with a side of bacon, of which he shared a slice with me.

I took an unplanned two-hour nap in the early afternoon, during which I dreamed that: I looked at a clock. I saw that it was 7:25PM. I screamed, "Oh my god; I'm late for book club."

I spent way more time than I should have this afternoon devising my extremely long blog entry for Saturday, documenting our participation in Raleigh Typhoon 2.  However, it was a worthy memory to capture.

Good week for...Bad week for...
The devil you know, after a Romanian village re-elected Mayor Neculai Ivascu even though he died shortly before the election. Ivascu had been mayor for nearly 20 years. "I know he died, but I don't want change," said one voter.Tightening up on bad credit, after a 6-year-old Bennett Christiansen of Illinois was approved for a credit card with a $600 limit. The boy had accurately filled in an application, listing his birth date as 2002 and his income as $0.

—From The Week Magazine 06/20/08—

Book club met at 7:00 at the Barnes & Noble in Cary, and I was on time, in spite of my earlier dream. Mary, however, coincidently, arrived at 7:25. She had guests over for dinner who knew that she had book club tonight, and at about 7:15, they said, "Aren't you supposed to be at book club?" Bizarre.

Janet was in DC for the weekend, so didn't make it. We put off discussing Eat, Pray, Love, as Sharon hadn't yet read it and Janet wasn't there. For the record, Mary had already read it and didn't re-read it for book club. I had finished it two or three weeks ago, and Suzanne was actually re-reading it.

I was home by about 9:15, and had intended to go check out karaoke at Flex, but ended up staying in instead.
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