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Sleeping in, exercising, and a fun night out...

My first "tweet" this morning: "Oh coveted sleep came early—and stayed late. Too, brought joy in the morning. Happy Friday!" In other words, I slept in.

After a chicken and cheddar sandwich for lunch, I headed to the gym, where I made it an all-cardio day.

Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Treadmill)



Cardio (Elliptical Machine)






From the gym, I went to Third Place, where I had the most incredibly delicious drink. She wrote it on the order form as a Kafé Caramel Frappe. Yum! Yum! Yum!

In the category of things that make you shake your head, in an article on wral.com about an 18- and 19-year old arrested in connection with a string of robberies:

One of the men told investigators the pair was simply bored and was looking for something to do, which Lopez [one of the men] said is an indication Durham needs more programs for area youths.

Hey, here's an idea:  Volunteer to start and lead some youth programs yourselves instead of being the thugs that you are.

I really needed to do some IBM work today, but didn't. That stresses me out a little, although I only have myself to blame.

I guess I just slept through the 90s, in terms of music at least. Tonight was "90s Retro Videos" at Flex, and after being there an hour, I had recognized only one song/video that had played. It was the song Step by Step, by what looked like a young, healthy Whitney Houston.

[It's just occurring to me what I was doing in the 90s. Let's see: (1) I quit IBM after working there for 13 years, (2) I worked on a novel for a year, (3) I came out to my wife of 16 years, (4) I got divorced three years after coming out, (5) I went into my first relationship with a man, which lasted 6.5 years, and (6) I had a succession of jobs, which continuously increased my salary from minimum wage (I think it was $6.50 an hour at the time—I was counting widgets and entering the counts in spread sheets for Manpower), to $30K, to $43K, to $110K, and then back to $80K.] But I digress...

Joe and I played three games of pool with Phil and Joe—me and Phil against the two Joes, and they won all three games. Who's counting?

A little later on, "The Twins" arrived, and a fun night ensued, as usually does when they're in town. At some time after midnight, Me, Phil and Craig (the twins) walked over to Legends, where they had committed to meet up with their friend Jay, who always comes to town with them. Phil and Joe (the couple) went home. Joe (my friend Joe) stayed at Flex.

Lots of Phils and Joes, I know. :-)

At Legends, we found out at the door, with the $7 admission fee (and that was the member price) that it was the Miss Legends Pageant tonight, so it was jammed in there. We eventually found Jay and one of his partners (he's in a three-person relationship, and has been for several years; only one of his partners was here tonight; the other one arrives in Raleigh tomorrow) up on one of the platforms by the stage. It's not really my cup of tea to get up on those things, but I "joined the club, Eunice," for the short time we were there.

I left there at just before 1:00. The contestants were still answering the questions, "Why do you want to be Miss Legends," and "What qualifications do you think you have that would make you a good Miss Legends." Gee, I hate missing the answers to those questions!
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