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As my coffee was brewing this morning, I looked over at my iPod that's been sitting on a TV tray charging for about three days, ever since I saw that the "call support" error in the display had changed to a "low battery" message.

On a whim, I unplugged it, and turned it on. It came on! It's three weeks to the day that it just stopped working—right in the middle of my workout, right in the middle of a song.

I wonder how long it will be before I stop wondering if every time I spin the wheel it will stop again, or if it will just stop playing in the middle of a song again like it did when it first happened.

I stopped at the Post Office on Avent Ferry Road to have a letter to my parents officially weighed.

I said to the clerk, "Would you tell me if this requires 42-cents or 59-cents, please? At home, one time it weighed right at an ounce, the next time, just over. I did it a couple of times with the same varied results."

Smiling, "Oh sure. Let me clear the scale first," she said pressing some key.

I added, "I know it weighs somewhere between a slice of cheese and a slab of meat, because the scale I use to weigh my mail is my Weight Watcher food scale."

She laughed out loud. "It's just over an ounce," she said, and I gave her 17-cents to add to my already stamped 42-cent envelope.

I met Kevin (av8rdude) and Kurt at Helios, where Kevin went over the current asking price, an anticipated price change—both the change and the date, and the lowest price he'd be comfortable with me accepting on his behalf for an offer on his condo without first getting in touch with him.

He also went over his burglar alarm system with me, including requesting a code from me to give to the security company in case they call me.

À la the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups "You got peanut butter in my chocolate" commercials of the 70s, yesterday I put an unpeeled banana in my bag of Ginger Snaps to eat while at Helios, which I did.

Today, I'm eating the remaining Ginger Snaps, and they have a slight taste of banana! Yum!!!

A posting in someone's blog I follow had a link to this site called Worldle, where you copy and paste text into a field and the application creates a tag cloud from its contents.

I did it with Jeanie's eulogy, and what I love about it is that the biggest word in the cloud is, ironically, life.

I had dinner out on my deck tonight, as the weather was just fantastic.

I spent a little time after dinner looking at the "electronic footprints" of some of the people in our China delegation. I submitted a "friend request" for a couple of them on Facebook.

I had fun dancing tonight in spite of the fact that there were only about four other people in the bar. Who's counting?



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