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Co-working from Edge Office, lunch@Helios, exercising, and crosswording to popcorn...

I co-worked today from Edge Office in Glenwood South.

Also participating, were two other IBMers, @av8rdude and @kitch, as well as @justis and @jessmartin. The gracious @DiMambro was our host. We're all tweeters, obviously.

Kevin, Jake, and I went across the street to Helios for lunch, where we ran into @abbyladybug. I had their Turkey-Avocado-Cheddar Wrap, which was extra delicious to me today for some reason.

Justis, Jess, and Jason all went to The Rockford.

As I write this, it occurs to me that all of the co-workers' names today begin with "J" except Kevin's.

Good week for...Bad week for...
Last laughs, after Frederic J. Baur of Cincinnati, the deceased designer of the Pringles potato chip can, had his cremated remains buried in one of his tubular inventions.Spell-check, after several Pennsylvania high school students had their last names changed in their yearbook by an automatic computer program. Alessandra Ippolito was listed as Alexandria Impolite, while Max Zupanovic was rechristened Max Supernova. Kathy Carbaugh's photo appeared next to the name Kathy Airbag.
~From The Week Magazine 06/13/08~

Continuing in the spirit of recognizing cool grandmas, a gem from onesentence.org:

And this one made me laugh, not only for what it says, but because it reminded me of a hyper-anal-retentive colleague I had once, who always said, "Wait a minute; let me triple-check that." This, I suppose, would be a quadruple-check!

Kevin, Justis, and I left Edge Office at just after 3:30. I dropped off Justis at his house on my way to the gym, and Kevin stopped by his condo on his way to the gym. When I got to the light turning into the gym, his was the car in front of the one in front of me. Good timing.
Exercise Type
Minute Duration

Resistance (Lower Body)


Exercise Type

Strength (Crunches)



Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Elliptical Machine)



I'm still in a little bit of a funk, and feeling quite lethargic today.

On the way back from the gym at close to 6PM tonight, it occurred to me that I hadn't taken my meds for the day. When I got home, and went to take them, I discovered that I didn't take them at all yesterday.

My meds include: a lisinopril pill (high blood pressure), a Nexium pill (acid reflux), a Centrum Silver vitamin pill, and a baby aspirin (also marketed as a "low-dose adult" aspirin).

I thought I really wanted to see a movie tonight, but after browsing through the local theater offerings, I realized that all I really wanted was the popcorn.

So, I popped some.

And worked on a crossword puzzle instead.
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