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Meeting with Nathan, caught on film (again) @ Helios, and a blah night of dancing...

I met with Nathan, my financial advisor, from 11:00–12:00, spending most of that time discussing options on how to proceed with financial advice to my aunt and uncle when I visit them next month.

In addition to talking about the option of investing in the exchange traded fund, GLD, that I'm in, Nathan also showed me a cool website called www.apmex.com, where you can buy and sell actual gold coins, bars, and lots. Silver, too.

We also talked about estate planning, his potentially getting licensed in Rhode Island, and outlined some next steps for me. Coolio.
I was going to go to Helios from there, but as I was leaving Nathan's, I realized that, although I had diligently packed my gym bag to go directly to the gym from Helios when Kevin (av8rdude) was ready later in the day, I'd left it on my hallway stairs at home instead of putting it in my trunk with my laptop.

So, instead of heading toward Helios, I did the next best thing. I stopped at the Honey Baked Ham store for lunch. They had their Ham Salad Sandwich advertised for $4.99, so I got that. [For posterity: They had a sign on their door advising that due to the recent salmonella poison tomato scare, they had temporarily stopped serving tomatoes on their sandwiches.]

When she rang up my sandwich, she said, "That'll be $5.81."

I said, "It's $5.81? There's that much tax on $4.99?"

"Oh, it's gone up. All of our sandwiches just went up," she replied. 

I must have had some kind of reaction, because just then the manager came out from behind a wall and took down that sign advertising the sandwich at that price.

There's a heart-warming update to Tony's story about his grandmother that I included in my blog entry last Thursday. I repeat: Everyone should have a grandmother like her.

During a twitter discussion today about the renovations at Helios, one of the tweeters pointed out that New Raleigh did an article on Helios, which mentions the renovations, and when clicking on the link to read the article, what do I find? Myself in the picture associated with the article. [I'm in the white t-shirt along the wall, between the ladies in the black top and the lime green blouse.]

We had a little bit of a break from the heat today, as did this little guy:

On my way to dancing, I checked my voice mail messages and had an affirming one from Myra—about missing me as newsletter editor. I need to call her back tomorrow.

I was so not into dancing tonight when I first got there.

There was a guy watching who had on boots, so I finally said to him, "You a cowboy?" Turns out his name was Peter, he moved here a little while ago from Reno. His mother has Alzheimer's and he has moved here to help his sister care for her.

Since he was interested in taking a lesson, Carl taught Bumpers. Turned out Bill "knew" Peter from online.
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