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Free bagel exercising, worked from work and then Helios, a cheap dinner, and some karaoke...

Today was free bagel day at the gym, and I met Kevin (av8rdude) there at 7:00AM. We had a bagel (pumpernickel with honey walnut cream cheese, for me) and some coffee when we were done.

Exercise Type

Strength (Crunches)



Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Treadmill)



Cardio (Elliptical Machine)






Lisa (Teri) Merrilynne Weir

Lisa Merrilynne Weir, 42, of Seguin was unexpectedly recruited as a Guardian Angel, Sunday, June 8, 2008.

Damn recruiters! Update your résumés, y'all! You never know!

I worked from my IBM office today, and it was only the second time, since we became officemates in mid-December 2007, that my officemate and I were in the office at the same time.

I met with a fellow editor, colleague, and fun, fun person, Fran, where he demoed a Lotus Notes database that I'm going to start using to track our department edits. He then sent me a copy of everything that he customized in the process, so that I won't have to "reinvent the wheel" when I install the thing. Aside: Yes, editors are allowed to use clichés as long as we recognize them as such and realize that they are a "lower" form of writing.
On the way back from the office, I stopped by what IBM touts as the IBM RTP Surplus Store. I was not impressed.

It's not at all obvious that it is the "IBM RTP Surplus Store" and when I asked to make sure when I walked in, the guy who answered said, "Well, that's what they keep telling people."

As it turns out, there's a small section of stuff in the basement of the place that's for the IBM surplus stuff. The rest of the store sells real, new furniture.

Most of the IBM stuff, especially the desks, bookcases, and cabinets were in marginal shape. The desk chairs were by far the best buys. They were pretty nice, rolling, desk chairs that were marked at $30, and the guy said, "The IBM price is half that." Unfortunately, I'm not in the market for a chair.

I worked the rest of the afternoon from Helios, where after a while Kevin (av8rdude) joined me.

A great photo by @abbyladybug of twitter fame. Ironically, when she posted a link to it on twitter, and I clicked on it, I was sitting in the exact place where the picture was taken! :-)

The Velvia Show Begins
Originally uploaded by abbyladybug

Her picture caption: Nematome (John) and a friend at the new counter at Helios. This was my first picture with the Velvia, ISO50. Apparently, it's THE slide film. It's expensive, so I savored the roll. For this shot, I used a tripod. it was REALLY bright outside, so the exposure was tricky.

I meant to capture this affirmation from Sunday from my friend in Austin regarding two Folly Beach souvenirs I sent to her, which I picked up there on my recent trip to Charleston. She has a best friend named Folly, and when I saw one of those oval-shaped bumper stickers that said Folly Beach on it, and a post card from there, I mailed them to her in case she wanted to surprise her friend with them somehow. I've never met Folly myself.

From: Irene Chandler
To: John Martin
Sent: Sunday, June 08, 2008 3:05 PM
Subject: Two things...

Hello Precious,

First and foremost, always...I love who you are and who you are to me. If I had been the author or architect of our relationship, I couldn't have written or designed anything better than that which it presented itself to be. And that, my most delightful friend, is providence...one of those silly things that I hang my hat on that you can barely give houseroom to. Indeed, a gift from whoeverwhateverwherever that you just spend your whole life being thankful for...and I am all that and more!

Secondly, my most heartfelt thanks for your remembrance of those things and those people important to me. To have received the accoutrement you brought back from Charleston for someone you don't know but know I love, indicates that in some way, I travel with you, with all of my "drama," illustrating everything that I allowed above. Thesis, research and findings.

Every choice I have ever made about you has been the right one, every confidence that I ever shared with you was well placed, every faith that brought me back to you when life was hard was founded in reality (a funny place to find faith...yes?)

Thank you...I give you my heart!!

I do love a woman who can use accoutrement in a sentence.

At 6:30 or so, Kevin and I left Helios, stopped by Snoopy's, where it was $.99 Hot Dog Tuesday, picked up dinner, and then enjoyed it at his home, just up the street.

After a stop at home for a couple of hours, I picked him up at his place, which is on the way to Flex, and we enjoyed a couple of hours of karaoke. Did I say, "enjoyed?" I meant that in its "spent" connotation, not it's "joyful" connotation.

That damn (yackity-f-----g-yackity-won't-shut-the-f--k-up) Chastity (yes, the one who "quit" the last time she was the emcee) was back for a "guest spot." She personifies diarrhea of the mouth.
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