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Worked from home, chatted w/Madeleine & made a date, exercising, and a TweetUp...

I worked from home this morning, knocking out my remaining edits for Jim.

I had a very interesting instant message conversation with Madeleine McBroom, who had checked in to see how I was doing after seeing my e-mail address listed on the solicitation for letters for Suzanne Allen's IBM 25th Anniversary coming up soon.
I'm thinking about submitting this whole story, from Jeanie asking me to write her eulogy, to the delivery of it on Tuesday, to American Public Media's The Story, an alumnus of which Madeleine is.

We're going to have coffee on Saturday at The Mad Hatter in Durham, so I can pick her brain about her experience.

Late afternoon, I ran by the credit union, where I deposited my whole $28 NC State Tax refund check, and Donna's graduation check. I also had a $76 cashier's check made out to "City of Charleston Municipal Court" for that damn speeding ticket."

They charged me two bucks for that. It used to be a free service, and I think at one time it was only one dollar. Rip off.

I went to the gym alone today, as Kevin (av8rdude) had a lot of work commitments timed as to make it hard to get there for any amount of time. It was a lower body day for me, which I followed with crunches and a little cardio.

Exercise Type
Minute Duration

Resistance (Lower Body)


Exercise Type

Strength (Crunches)



Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Elliptical Machine)



It's official. My iPod is hosed. I finally got it to reboot, but when I wheel to a song, it just freezes. On reboot today, I got the dreaded:

With my phone contract coming up in a couple of weeks, I am now considering an iPhone.

I attended the Triangle TweetUp tonight, which was quite interesting. Three presentations were given, two of which engaged me.

The socializing afterwards was awkward for me. Sometimes I wonder how I have the nerve to assess as an extrovert.

I ran out to my IBM office for an hour-or-so tonight. I'm in a little bit of a funk.
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