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"Visiting" Jeanie, completing her eulogy, suit-fitting, dinner with Joe, and some drinks and pool...

I tried to sleep in today, but didn't have much luck.

At a little after 11:00, Phyl called to let me know that she, Jimmy, and Justin were at the funeral home, where they'd probably be for another hour or so, as they had to have a short meeting there with the pastor of First Baptist Church, where the funeral will be held tomorrow.

I took advantage of them being there to run out to see Jeanie-baby.
I started out with tears hugging Jimmy and Justin in the driveway to Bryan-Lee, and then I completely broke down inside hugging Phyllis in front of Jeanie's coffin.

I know it's such a cliché, but "she looked good."  Lipstick, nails, and dress color—matched to die for, literally!  Jeanie-baby would love that.

Phyllis mentioned flowers, and it dawned on me that I'd totally forgotten about ordering some flowers. "Don't you dare," Phyllis said. "You are already doing, and have always done, a great deal." She went on to thank me again for doing the eulogy, saying that it was so right that I should be doing it. And then added, "Justin was just saying this afternoon, 'Grandmaw couldn't have picked a better person to do it.'" Heartwarming.

I took Jimmy aside on the way out to get a quick bit of advice from him about one item in my eulogy, and his heartfelt response brought a tear to both our eyes.

I rode out to IBM, where I looked up those final quotes I needed for the eulogy, increased the font size to 18, and printed it on 10 one-sided pages to use as my "reading copy."

Back home I tried on—and much to my pure delight, fit in—one of my suits to wear tomorrow. I can also wear my size 16½ shirt instead of the 17½. Yay all around.

I met Joe at Red Lobster at Crossroads for dinner, where I had their Lobster & Shrimp Caesar Salad, and Joe tried their Honey BBQ Shrimp and Chicken. My salad was most delicious; Joe's entrée was okay, but not great.

We dropped by Helios for a cup of after-dinner coffee, and Joe graciously listened to my first public reading of Jeanie's eulogy. He had kind words to say about it.

We went to Flex, where we enjoyed three $1.25 well drinks, and played two games of pool. We left at 10:00, leaving only Jay the bartender there, and the door guy—a new guy whose name I don't know.

At home, I read through the eulogy a few more times, and then logged into work to send a note to Wolfgang, the manager with whom I interviewed week before last, and to my manager copying the two writers I owe edits to, letting them know I'd be out today on personal business. I plan to work Wednesday, one of my usual days off, to catch back up.
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