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Writing the eulogy, exercising, eating out, and a movie...

I began writing the eulogy today. On Twitter yesterday, @Justis said, "May the best spirit of love be your companion while you write the eulogy for your dear friend. It will be beautiful." And that spirit must be with me, as it's coming along easily and beautifully.

I worked out from about 3:15 until 4:30 today. The weekends are usually all-cardio days for me, but since I missed my workout on Wednesday, I moved Wednesday's upper body workout to Thursday when I got back.
So, today I did lower body, followed by crunches, followed by cardio.

Exercise Type
Minute Duration

Resistance (Lower Body)


Exercise Type

Strength (Crunches)



Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Elliptical Machine)



Robert was already at my house when I got back from the gym, and after his load of clothes finished in the wash, we headed to Captain Stanley's for dinner. In re-reading my story about Jeanie-baby, the mention of Captain Stanley's made me think, "That'd be a good place to eat tonight—in honor of her memory."

We both had one of their specials for today: Broiled Flounder, Scallops, and Shrimp, with a Fried Stuffed Crab. For our choice of two sides, we chose a house salad and a baked potato. We ate the hell out of their hush puppies while we waited for our meal.

Back home, I took care of some mail:

  1. I mailed a couple of things I got at the beach in Charleston to a friend that I think might have some fun with them.

  2. I sent a way overdue graduation congratulations and check to a friend of mine's daughter.

  3. I sent a thank-you note to Donna (my ex-wife) for her card and graduation gift.
In the category of affirmations, this is what the sentiments she wrote inside the card said:

"I'm so proud (and happy) of you and your success! Ya done good... Keep up the good work...  and enjoy your Internet access.  Love Donna (& Rob)" [Enclosed was a very generous check for $250.]

I also wanted to take care of my ticket, but before writing a check for the $76 fine, I read the instructions on the back of the ticket: MAIL MONEY ORDER, CASHIER'S CHECK OR CERTIFIED CHECK DIRECTLY TO THE TRIAL OFFICER'S OFFICE BEFORE WHOM YOU ARE SUMMONED TO APPEAR. DO NOT MAIL CASH OR PERSONAL CHECK.

We saw Then She Found Me tonight. I just love Bette Midler.

Movie Synopsis: Nearing 40, April Epner (Hunt), a schoolteacher in New York who was adopted at birth, wants to have a baby of her own - a desire made that much stronger by the fact that she never knew her biological mother. A snag in her plans presents itself when her sweet but immature husband Ben (Matthew Broderick) announces one night that their marriage was a mistake, leaving April devastated and bewildered. With her life in disarray, one more surprising bolt is thrown April's way in the form of Bernice (Bette Midler), an eccentric local talk show host, who declares herself to be April's birth mother. Despite the influence of her newfound mother and a relationship with Frank (Colin Firth), the father of one of her students, April's once simple life begins to spiral out of control.

Based on the eponymous first novel by writer Elinor Lipman, the film tells the funny and moving story of one woman's very unlikely path towards personal fulfillment.

The movie was entertaining, but I can't say I loved it.

This week's PostSecrets got posted early. Here's my favorite from this week:

I have never heard a buttcrack called a coinslot. Hilarious.
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