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An early start, mailed passport renewal, worked from Helios, exercised, stopped in @ IBM...

I woke up early this morning and couldn't go back to sleep, even though I'd had no where near eight hours sleep. So, I just went with it and had an early start to my day.

After working a little while from home, I showered, stopped by the post office, added my 2-cent stamp to my passport renewal envelope, and purchased 23 1-cent stamps.
I'm not thrilled that after giving me a sheet of twenty 1-cent stamps, while ripping off 3 from another sheet of twenty to fill my request, she tore them unevenly, exposing some of the sticky back of two of those three stamps. I can just see them sticking to the other stamps in my stash until I use them.

I worked from Helios the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon. Random musings and observations while there:

Here's to an unintentional, and totally missed by the people to whom it was related, double-meanings of words: There were four people at the table next to me talking about somebody's kitchen furnishings, when one of them said, "And even their refrigerator is cool." Indeed, as that's what they do.
There is nothing sexier than a guy who is incredibly sexy, but has no idea that he is.
I got some avocado on my keyboard from my Cheddar, Tomato, Avocado, and Bacon on Grilled Sourdough sandwich, which I resisted licking off.

Twenty-eight years ago today, I was walking into IBM for my first day on the job. Starting salary? A whopping $18,000 per year.

I had an interesting instant message conversation with Donna, my ex-wife. I might be buying her timeshare on Grand Cayman. She bought it 10 years ago for $11K and would sell it to me for $5K or $6K she said.

We also had quite a funny conversation about a graduation gift she wants to get me—a GPS system. What was funny about it was that it's the perfect gift for an ENTP, which she is, but not so much for an ESFJ, which I am. She said, "It's so great for when you just go driving around; you can go anywhere without getting lost."

To which I replied, "ESFJs don't 'just drive around!' They have the trip mapquested there and back, along with a backup copy of the route from google maps, just in case. Oh yeah, and it's been in the Palm Pilot calendar for at least a month." What was she thinking?

I asked her to get me Internet service on my phone instead. That's not something I'm willing to pay for, but with all of the social networking stuff I'm doing now, it'd be really cool to have it.

I met Kevin (av8rdude) at the gym at 3:30. It was a lower body resistance day for me—before which I did crunches, and after which, I did cardio. A good, solid workout today.

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type




Exercise Type
Minute Duration

(Lower Body)


Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

(Elliptical Machine)



Back home, I had a killer salad for dinner, and finished off the shrimp cocktail from Saturday's dinner.

After that, I took an hour nap, and then—at around 10PM—I ran out to my IBM office for a little while.

I actually got in an hour's worth of editing, finishing one of Jim's documents, which I sent to him right before leaving. Yay!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I relocated my personal home page, as it was stored in my NCSU Web space, which is going away on May 30th.
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