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Passport renewal, exercising, a power outage, social networking @ Helios, a Strongbow, & karaoke...

For the record, I was not stimulated on Friday as promised by these people, according to their schedule toward the end of the page in that link. I'm just saying...

We were up at 9:00 this morning, and in honor of Robert's recent colonoscopy, I bought some All Brand Yogurt Bites, which we had for breakfast. Go fiber.

I attached my passport pictures to the renewal form, signed it, enclosed my old passport, along with a check for $75, and put one (Christmas) 41-cent stamp on the envelope, along with eight 2-cent stamps to use as many of them up as I had left. I still need one more 2-cent stamp to make the required $.59.

While I'm getting that, I'll get twenty-three 1-cent stamps, which I now need for the twenty-three $.41 stamps still in my stash.

Oh yeah, I also put on the ugliest return address label that I have; I always use the ugly ones on business mail.

Robert was an absolute dear, and trimmed my out-of-control vegetation out between my house and my deck, in front of my kitchen window. He also put up my lounge chair cushions to keep them out of the impending rain that we're promised this evening. Thank you, my sweet.

I was back to only 5 sets of 15 reps of crunches tonight, as I guess, after the eight sets I did yesterday, my body was revolting. You think my body is revolting, you should see my... But I digress...

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Elliptical)



On the way back from the gym, it was absolutely pouring rain and was windy as all get out. I stopped at the Crown gas station near my house, where after getting out in the slanted, driving rain, putting the nozzle in my gas tank, and swiping my credit card, I noticed that the meter area of the gas pump was dark. I was totally put out that the pumps were not working for some reason, and I left in a huff.

At home, when I flipped on my light switch after entering the house, I knew exactly why the pumps weren't lit. The power was out in my neighborhood.

I noted these things that can't be done with the power out, which came to mind only because I tried to do them:

  1. pump gas

  2. turn on the kitchen light

  3. turn on the light above the stove

  4. turn on the hallway light, leading upstairs

  5. turn on the bathroom light at the top of the stairs [Okay, I'm a slow learner. It's just that it's such a habit: you flip the switch, and the shit comes on.]

There is a positive side to it all though, here are something things I was able to do without power:

  1. light a match to light candles

  2. walk up and down stairs

  3. brush my teeth

  4. flush my toilet, since I'm not on well water

  5. take a shower with the hot water that was left in my hot water tank

  6. use my laptop while its battery lasted

Wow. What a great evening I had. Since my power was out, I went over to Helios to hang out, and once there saw on Twitter that Justis was a couple doors down at Hibernian, with DiMambro. I direct messaged (if you can call that a verb) DiMambro telling him to send "my neighbor" over to Helios. Within minutes, Justis had arrived.

I just love social networking. I immediately took a liking to Justis as he's one of those straight guys who's obviously comfortable with his own sexuality (which manifested itself in a big hug in meeting in spite of knowing that I was gay, which of course would freak some straight guys out), and he has that rare combination of being both geeky and personable—and I mean geeky in the most complimentary of ways.

After a quick hello, he went back to Hibernian and brought Jason (DiMambro) over, during which time Kevin (av8rdude) and Kurt had arrived. We had a good half-hour or so of conversation, which was all good.

Kevin and Kurt twisted my arm (ok, a whole millimeter) to step over to Hibernian with them to try a Strongbow, which they sold to me as "not beer, but more like a champagne."

Who should we find there, but @DiMambro and @dtraleigh. It's a small Twitter universe. I really took to the Strongbow, and could see myself drinking another one some time.

Leaving Hibernian at about 9:15, I stopped by karaoke at Flex, where I had a couple of drinks, played two games of free pool with David (the Spanish teacher), and asked Matthew, the bartender, to get me a bag of Crunchy Cheetos to absorb the alcohol. I said to him, "But slip them to me quietly. You know it could ruin a queen's reputation to actually eat food in a gay bar."

I left Kevin a voice mail message from there that said, "I'm so totally glad that you're my friend." I was feeling all warm and fuzzy tonight, for some queer reason.

All in all, it was a great, great day. I love my life.
Tags: affirmations, anecdotes, bar talk, coffee shops, exercise, friends, web 2.0

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