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A cold riding lesson...

I worked from home today. I met Raj for lunch, but it turned out he could only stay for a few minutes due to a work meeting that called just as he was leaving. I returned his house key from ages ago, and he gave me two pieces of art from his trip to India. One of them reminds me of The Lion King!

Late afternoon, I took a ride to the post office on my bike.


- In anticipation of me participating in the first organized training ride tomorrow, I took my bike from my house to the post office, approximately .75 miles round trip.


- When it’s 35 degrees out, it’s not too swift to ride without gloves and with only a light sweater jacket on.

- You absolutely must take the foot, which you are going to put down on the ground when you stop, out of the toe clip before you fall into the bushes!

- I actually got my toe in the second clip twice after starting to ride!

- If you want to be treated like a car on the road, you must drive your bike like you’re driving a car.


- My hands were frozen by the time I got back, and since I have a cold, my nose was running like crazy.


- Glad I took this short ride to learn a couple of valuable lessons.

- Accomplished that I was able to get my toe into the clips twice without being stopped and holding onto a tree or pole.

- Excited about tomorrow’s ride with the group. I had to miss last weekend, which was the first weekend of training, because I was in NYC. A note they sent out about it said they had 37 riders, which is very cool. Last year, the most riders they had participating at one time in a training ride was 15.

Robert arrived at about 4:30, and it was good to see him. I tried everything I could during the evening to not give him this cold.

He did the crossword puzzle in the Jacksonville (NC) Daily News (that my parents had left here), while I diced the chourico we used in our scrambled eggs.

He ran to the grocery store with me to get cheese for the scrambled eggs, and I got a few other things.

We had an appetizer of Tostitos (bite size) with cheese and salsa sprinkled on them, and zapped in the microwave long enough to melt the cheese, and then added a little sour cream to top them off. YUM!

We had a delicious breakfast-type dinner, with chourico and cheese scrambled eggs, and Portuguese bread! ("Bool") YUM!

I taught Robert about "bases" (in Mathematics), and we had some fun with that. "What is the decimal equivalent to E2F1 in Base 16?" He also learned about the "M+," "M-," "RM" and "CM" buttons on the calculator.

We installed his Typing Tutor program on my computer, and it worked fine. It's a cool program. I will have to go to his place to see what happened there. It sounds like it didn't at all install properly on his machine.

We played the two games I bought in Irvine last week -- the Biography game, "Who Am I?" and the other game, "Clichebles."

Robert's "thumb got tired" (inside joke) and we went upstairs to put it to bed. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I took some Nyquil, we did a couple of crossword puzzles, I fell asleep, happy, and Robert snuck out.

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