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Exercising, volunteering, and dancing...

I met Kevin (av8rdude) at the gym at 9:45, and I only did lower body resistance work today. I'll get my cardio in tonight at dancing.

This is the second—and I hope, last—day of morning workouts, which really is tough for me. I am so not a morning person.

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Area Exercised



Lower Body

I volunteered for ENC from 1:00-3:00 today, and I kept it right at two hours so as not to get a ticket in the downtown 2-hour free street parking maximum.

And I know the meter maids domestic help is all over it, too, as I passed two cars with tickets flapping on their windshields as I headed into the ENC office.

Today, I separated two perforated postcards—one side addressed to the addressee's senator and the other side addressed to the addressee's representative—alphabetized each stack separately, and then placed each card on top of the stack of cards for each senator named on the cards.

Like this wasn't tedious enough, there was the complicated factor that on one printing of the postcards, the senator's name went on the left card and the representative's name on the right card, but on the second printing, that was inadvertently reversed.

And that meant that when the volunteers from a previous night went through the cards to add the appropriate senator's and representative's names for the addressee, they just assumed all the senators' names went on the left card and all the representatives' names went on the right card, which resulted in some cards saying such things as Dear Senator Luebke (who is really a representative), and some that said, Dear Representative McKissick (who's really a senator).


Walking back to my car, with my "No one cares about your blog" t-shirt on, a guy walking toward me started laughing, and said, indicating my shirt, "I really believe that, man." Such a fun shirt.

From there, I met Kevin (av8rdude) over at Helios, where we had a late lunch, and I did a little editing.

Good week for...Bad week for...
Blind luck, when an 85-year-old legally blind golfer made a hole in one on an Arizona course. "I thought they were kidding me," said Robert Dunham. "I told them, 'You guys better not be pulling my leg.'"Travel guides, after an author who wrote 12 guidebooks for the Lonely Planet series admitted the he often cut corners. "They didn't pay me enough to go to Columbia," said Thomas Kohnstamm. "I wrote the book in San Francisco. I got the information from a chick I was dating."

—From The Week Magazine 04/25/08—

Dancing was a lot of fun tonight. There were three new people there: Ron, Jerry, and Jason. Ron's here on business from next to Nashville, and Jerry and Jason are "locals." Jason saw us dancing in Charlotte at The Stomp.

All three of them spent some time as human pinball machines on the dance floor, trying to pick up the dances, which is a next-to-impossible way to learn line dances.

In attendance in addition to myself and the newbies: Carl, Bill, Geromy, Steven, Ernie, Eric, Aaron, and Rob.

Toward the end of the evening Rick, the cleaning company guy, said to me, "You've lost some weight. Your face looks thinner." Woohoo. Somebody noticed.
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