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Working out and free bagels, interviewing, working from Helios, and karaoke with a friend...

I met Kevin (av8rdude) at the gym at 7:00 this morning, where it was an all-cardio day for me, followed by Planet Fitness' Second-Tuesday-of-the-Month Free Bagels Day. I enjoyed a pumpernickel that looked more like a marbled-rye, with butter on one half and honey walnut cream cheese on the other half. Delicious!

Today's workout statistics:
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Cardio (Elliptical)



I worked from home this morning, and at one point I had a funny exchange with a friend, and dedicated reader of my blog. (Thanks!)  He told me of a couple of things he found funny in my blog, which is one of the biggest joys of writing. And just when it had been a little bit of a "dry spell" in terms of comments on my entries, it was even sweeter.

What was funny about the conversation—in this multiplexing, and partial attention generation world we're in—was that midway into our instant message chat, he said, "Ut-oh. Someone on this conference call I'm participating in just said: 'And Steve [that's him] can take us through that next,' and I have no idea what that is."

Too funny, to me at least!

I worked from Helios this afternoon, along with Kevin (av8rdude), and not long after I arrived there at 1:00, I received a meeting invitation from the hiring manager of that job I mentioned yesterday—it was for a 3:30-4:00 phone interview!

I was totally psyched, and drove home to make the call, as I didn't want to risk a poor cell phone connection for something this important. And I'm glad I did, because our connection wasn't great; I suspect he was on a cell phone, so I'm glad I didn't doubly degrade the quality of the connection by being on mine. Plus, I'm having severe battery issues with my phone right now.

Anyhow, I thought the interview went very, very well, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. There is at least one other strong candidate, but I'm in the same division of IBM that the job is in, which makes an offer to me much easier in terms of process and paperwork. The other candidate evidently isn't.

The biggest positive sign out of it was that at the end, he asked me to schedule some time to talk about the job with his boss, and she's an IBM Vice President—someone whose time isn't lightly taken up.

He wants to make a hiring decision in the next two weeks, three the most, so at least it's something that won't drag on. This would be such a dream job for me. Wish me luck!

Kevin was patiently waiting for me when I arrived back at Helios, where we had dinner—each ordering the Chicken Quesadillas. Good stuff.

I worked there until they closed at 10:00, and right before that I was SameTiming Jake, who was over at Third Place. "I'm gonna take this down and go have a drink over at Flex, where it's karaoke night. Want to join me?"

"Sure, why not, I'll go and have a beer."

He didn't know where it was, so I gave him directions to meet me at the corner of Hillsborough and West, and we went in together. We played two games of pool, and then settled in to watch what turned out to be an incredibly-attended karaoke night. This black girl, who has a real good voice and used to emcee karaoke for a while a few years ago, was filling in for David and Chastity tonight, both of whom were in a show over at Legends.

The house really got to rockin' at times, and Jake and I had a lot of laughs and enjoyed a lot of people-watching. Nikki came over and said hello to me, and I introduced her to "my straight friend, Jake." I stopped short of telling her about his hot thighs—from the heat of his laptop, people! Sheesh.

We left there at 1:00. All in all, it was a most unexpectedly fun evening!
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