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I volunteered for ENC today, for two hours, in their new office on Hargett Street. I enjoyed this work much more than making phone calls, which is what I did the last couple of times I volunteered for them. Today, I entered names, telephone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses into their database for them.

Shawn, who's a friend of mine from the TCW board days and now a member of the paid staff of ENC, greeted me. Josh, the volunteer coordinator was there, as well as Kelly, whom I'm not sure if she was an employee or volunteer. Of this, I am sure: she's young, I liked her, and she's a straight ally with a hot boyfriend.

The other volunteer was Stephen, who had a great sense of humor. All of the work we did today was in support of the vote on the School Violence Protection Act (addressing the problem of bullying in schools) that's coming up. I was entering data of people who have signed the petition we're sending to our representatives.

From there, I went to the gym, where I did lower body training, crunches, and 30 minutes of cardio.

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Calories Burned
or Area Worked



Lower Body





On the way home from the gym, I dropped by the post office to get my Mother's Day card in the mail. I made the 5:00 deadline by about 2 minutes.

I don't like to use the mailboxes outside when I'm cutting it that close, so I went inside to mail it, where I was shocked to find a line out of the service area and into the lobby area. Lots of people with packages in their hands, hopes in their hearts, and dreams in their minds about moms receiving those packages by Sunday.

At home, I chopped some onion, a green pepper, and a half a bunch of celery for future salads and wraps. After that, I boiled some shrimp, pinched their tails off when they were done, and refrigerated them after eating about six of them to make sure they were good.

I dropped by Cameron Village with a first stop in the Fresh Market to buy some bread to take to dinner tonight, with another stop next door in the library, where I picked up my reserved copy of How to Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person.

I was an invited guest of Kevin (av8rdude) and Kurt for dinner tonight. Kurt cooked—a delicious pot roast with some potatoes, carrots, and celery, with the bread I brought, which was a multi-grain with sunflower seeds loaf, followed by a nice, sweet port wine for dessert.

We watched a DVRed stand-up comedy routine from Comedy Central, by John Pinette, which was just hilarious. It was all about food, so you know that worked for me. Kevin and Kurt had recently seen him live at Charlie Goodnight's Comedy Club here in Raleigh.

I met Joe at Flex for show tunes night, and it was quite the night. We played one game of free pool before being intruded upon by Van's Bryan. We played one game with them—me and Joe against Van and Bryan, which we so didn't care about that I have no idea who won.

We hung out with Kirk and his partner (whose name I don't know); Todd, sans his partner, Juan, but with a friend named Cameron; and Mark and his partner Ken. Later, Joe and Phil made an appearance, and later yet, Joel. It was a fun, flirty night.



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