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Exercising and a mostly social book club meeting...

We were up at a little after 8:00 this morning. I had coffee, 2 yolkless hard-boiled eggs, and a turkey sausage patty along with my coffee.

I worked out from about 11:15-12:15 today, 60 minutes of cardio, while listening to my Retro Remix CD on my iPod. Oh yeah, I started off with 5 sets of 15 reps each of crunches.

Today's workout statistics:
Exercise Type
Minute Duration
Calories Burned

Cardio (Elliptical)



For lunch, I had a delicious sandwich, actually on bread (one of the whole wheat hamburger buns I bought yesterday for our turkey burgers), but my sandwich was a Mesquite-Marinated Diced Chicken Breast and Cheddar sandwich. Most delicious.

Earlier in the week, we changed our book club meeting location from the Barnes & Noble at Southpoint to Suzanne's house in Chapel Hill.

She had a most delicious dinner for us consisting of baked marinated chicken (rosemary, lemon, garlic, salt, & pepper, I believe she said), some couscous, and a nice salad. Mary brought brownies for dessert. It was all good.

We did discuss our book, The Shipping News, which 2 of our 5 members completed: Janet (her book choice) and Suzanne. I had made it about a third of the way through, Mary less, and Sharon thinks she read the first page several months ago. This would be why we're called The Mostly Social Book Club.

It's Mary's turn to choose our next book, and it's going to be Eat, Pray, Love. We scheduled our next meeting for June 22, 2008.

I stopped by IBM on my way home, and once again had badge issues at the gate. I just kept swiping, though, and after about the seventh time, it opened. I printed off my passport renewal form, and edited for a little while.

This is a problem: The passport renewal form has these choices for hair color:

  1. Black

  2. Blonde

  3. Brown

  4. Red

  5. Gray

I'm salt and pepper. Actually, probably a little more salt than pepper. However, when I have gel in my hair, which is about 95% of the time, it looks more pepper than salt. With that said, however, this thing is going to be good for 10 years—and without a doubt—at some point I'm going to become Mr. Salty. I'm just saying...
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